Google and Mattel Will Introduce a Mysterious Device Next Friday 13 February

Sometimes the Mountain View giant surprises with their movements, although in this case we have no idea of what hatch Google and the toy manufacturer Mattel, have begun to send invitations to the media for an event on Friday 13th of February.

It’s a presentation that will take place in New York, and in which Google and Mattel will teach a mysterious device that, at least regarding to motto showing the invitation-“look what is possible”-, it seems that it will surprise us.

It is clear that already have surprised us, because no one had evidence of a collaboration between both firms, even if as expected the rumor mill machinery as moved from some kind of toy geek up a virtual reality viewer specifically designed for children.

In fact, this seems to be the most accepted theory, because it wouldn’t be rare with available technology see toy sunglasses that take advantage of the benefits of virtual reality or augmented reality to allow children to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Mattel already did it his way, years ago, with the View-Master Viewer.

Others say that it will be something simpler, a kind of Google Cardboard adapted to children and with specific applications targeting the entertainment and education of these. We will have details on Friday, so you should not go far.