Globe – thus you can imagine better the world at large

A globe is a scale illustration of the shape of the Earth. With it, you can easily and playfully discover the world and learn about the countries of the world. “Globe” means translated something like “Ball” and that describes its characteristics. On this globe, all countries in the world are mapped. Not only the simple situation of the countries on the planet can take the viewer into appearances, some models show even the depth of the oceans or the height of the mountain.

The size of a globe depends on the intended use. Who wants to travel the globe and discover your own living room, find Globes that will take the Viewer on a journey around the world in our range. So the diameter of the individual models vary, depending on, how much space is available. A globe floating freely in space. The globe is mounted on a frame, which is comparable to the real Earth in the exact position. The inclination of the planet to the Centre axis is about 23.5 °. So you can faithfully reproduce the seasons for example. Depending on the size of globe perceived to, you’ll find a table globe or a floor globe in our range. A table globe serves the occasional view, while a beautiful large floor globe serves as a practical decoration in the living room.