Gletscherblick Premium Alpine Hiking Trail

For the Outdoorliebhaber, who will not want to Miss movement and recreation in the open air in the cold season, we introduce some of the most popular Alpine and winter hiking paths in the following weeks.

This week the glacier views. A dreamlike Alpine hiking trail in the hiking region of the Chemingauer Alps in Bavaria.Gletscherblick Premium Alpine Hiking Trail

Premiumwanderweg glacier views

The glacier view promises a perfectly performed hiking experience on a length of 12 km. The total distance can be hiked easily in 5 1/2 hours and passes an upper limit of 450 meters on its route. Is the way with 92 points of experience one of the vielversprechensten, through the Premium seal of approval of the German hiking Institute, Aplinwanderwege certified.

On narrow paths and predominantly natural surface leads into this varied hike through green meadows and through charming mountain forests, past downhill babbling streams, to magnificent distant views in the central Alps and the Chiemsee Lake. Managed huts along the hiking route, andyoutdoor invite you to linger and forces gather.

Is to enjoy the entrfaltenden prospects in full during the hike, the round trip of the view of the glacier in the anticlockwise direction is advisable to commit.Gletscherblick Premium Alpine Hiking Trail 1

Altitude profile of the Alpine glacier views

description of the glacier view

Start the hike is the Sanwaria Kaser of the inhibitor soups ALM, from there, the trail over the Anna Chapel leads to the upper inhibitor soups meadow. The trail leads up from the deep mountain in the high montane climate zone to the Durchkaser pastures.

During the phase-out of the for the Standtport larch forest the mugo pine zone, which is pierced by the high pastures is different.

From the Durchkaser pastures allows the mountain climbing an observation horizon on the impressive panoramic views of the North Bavarian Alps, Lake Chiemsee, the Berchtesgaden mountains so to speak with stone sea, the glaciers of the Hohe Tauern with Großglockner and the great Venetian.Gletscherblick Premium Alpine Hiking Trail 2

The trail through mountain pine stocks up to Straubing’s House on the Eggalm runs below the peaks of the mark -, Lahner and harrows Alm Kogel. Get a stunning views of the near Kaiser mountains, before the trail leads back over the mixing Hall Valley on the inhibitors soups Alm.

The view of the glacier is a very varied day hike with fascinating mountain panoramas. Certified as “Premiumwanderweg” after the German hiking seal. On the route, a number of eateries, such as the Hindenburg hut, Sanwaria Kadam, Durchkaser Alpine pastures, or the Straubinger Haus, wait with regional cuisine and a cosy atmosphere, which ensure strengthening on your hike.

Have we aroused your interest? For more information on arrival, accommodation and attractions, please visit the website of the operator of the way!Gletscherblick Premium Alpine Hiking Trail 3