Garden fireplaces

Garden fireplaces – barbecue in the garden in a stylish way

Garden fireplaces are a very popular type of garden grills, more often seen in local gardens or terraces. They usually consist of either tiled or stone walls, inside is located a grill grate with one including the Brazier. A fireplace, the smoke is carried upwards and constitutes as the style of a garden fireplace.

Garden fireplaces are available in different variants, while the most popular with coal or wood are operated, there are also variants which are operated by gas or electricity, depending on the intended use and taste one of these models is suitable. There are a variety of different price levels, some are quite reasonably priced, offer but also only a quite small facilities, while others can convince by their high-quality workmanship and quality materials, upwards, no limits are set the price here. When purchasing a garden fireplace is primarily to ensure a suitable surface, finally it must be firm and resilient to be able to keep the weight. He makes something special of any garden and even if you should not use it as a grill, so you can use it just as well as a fireplace, allowing relaxing before a warm fire.