Garden Benches

Fashionable garden benches extend your living space

Garden benches are used for centuries in gardens, they serve as both as a seat and relaxation opportunities. Usually they will be made from wood, more solid wood, fitted with a weather protection and in the open. You invite to relax and sit and look this great. There are a variety of models, from 2 – and 3-seaters to circular benches. They are usually made of weather-resistant woods such as teak wood, which guarantees a long service life. Also which made of plastic or metal are offered in addition to the garden benches made of wood. Models made of plastic are cheaper than that made of wood, they are easier to clean, but they look not so great like the wooden models.

Already the old English Kings did in their English gardens on garden benches to sit and so they are still an important part of the garden design. Besides various models they are offered, no matter whether it is the color of the wood, or painted in different colors, they come in all imaginable colours. Also when garden benches can hold, so you should respect always on good weather protection by means of a painting, only benches for the garden of wood can be a decades-long pleasure.