Galaxy Win Cover: See Better Options for Cell Phone Skins

The Samsung Galaxy Win was launched in 2013 and was quite successful in Brazil. Much of this was thanks to the combination of affordable price (currently costs $ 590) and powerful datasheet for the season, such as 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. If you have an old Galaxy Win or will buy a new one, a tip is to wear hoodies on the cell phone.

Galaxy Win Cover See Better Options for Cell Phone Skins

Whether to protect or decorate, there are covers for Galaxy Win with the most varied formats, colors and purposes. In addition to conserving the phone, the accessory can add new capabilities to the device’s specifications, such as the waterproof case, which lets you take submerged photos with the Samsung model. To know the different models-and cheap-of hoodies for Galaxy Win, read the list below according to financedns.

Wallet Cover

Also known as a case flip, the wallet-style hood wraps around the Samsung Galaxy Win, which, in addition to protecting the rear and the screen from scratches, offers greater privacy. With the enhancement, other people are unlikely to be able to read possible notifications on the smartphone screen. With stamped or more sober models, the average price of wallet cover in online stores is $ 25.

Fitness Pouch

This cover model for the Galaxy Win is very useful for those who want to play sports with the cellphone, either to listen to music or answer calls during exercises. To facilitate the user’s life, the case can be adjusted on the person’s waist, so that the physical activities are not interrupted by the concern of having the phone in his pocket. With an average price of $ 40 at online stores, you can even find fitness packs that come with a headset.

Decorated Acrylic Cover

Perhaps the acrylic cases with prints are the most popular case models for the Galaxy Win. After all, it is possible to buy personalized weeds with various themes, be it landscapes, animals or characters. In addition to embellishing the smartphone, the accessory should also serve to protect Samsung’s phone from falling. For the average price of $ 20, it is possible to leave the cell phone with your style and more secure.

Transparent Coating

The more discreet people, or simply want to keep the original design of the Galaxy Win, can choose a transparent polycarbonate hood. Inexpensive and simple, these cases keep your smartphone’s details in view, while protecting you from crashes and especially scratches. The transparent cover costs on average R $ 20. 

Sturdy Cover

Rubberized inside and with rigid material on the outside, the tough cover is for anyone who wants to cushion any impact against the Galaxy Win, protecting the phone in almost every situation. With a more rustic style, the hood has an average price of $ 25 and promises to prevent the Samsung phone from breaking down or suffering scratches on the back.

Bumper Cover

The bumper bumper is a model available for most phones for sale. The accessory is basically an elastic alloy that wraps around the ends of the phone, which promises to protect you in more critical crashes. Even so, the model does not fully preserve the back and the screen of the smartphone. Prices start at $ 5, with rubber models, and can reach $ 40, with aluminum details.

Waterproof Case

The waterproof hood or diving hood is ideal for those who want to take photos underwater with the Galaxy Win. With fence, the case promises to leave the cell dry during the dives, with possibility of not losing touch function even with the submerged smartphone. For the average price of $ 15, the waterproof case does not protect the handset from day-to-day falls and other accidents, but adds a well-desired function to the phone.