Functional Men’s Underwear

Practical men’s functional underwear is waiting for you

In some situations underwear is simply not enough to meet the needs of the wearer. Athletes who run at the hard triathlon tend to get sore legs if they wear ordinary underwear instead of functional underwear. The functional underwear is suitable for men who are under pursue of a heavy physical work.

Functional underwear differs from everyday underwear first and foremost by the material used. Cotton is a wonderful fiber for the underwear, which is exposed to everyday requirements. But when it comes to the repetitive movements at the sports, skin irritation can arise quickly in the cotton underwear. Men’s functional underwear is usually made from microfibres, carrying moisture to the outside. So, skin irritation and infection is prevented by any build-up of moisture on the skin. In addition, functional underwear can be equipped also with special tools. From the speaker to the sewn pocket for the heart rate monitor, there’s intelligent function underwear, which leaves no wish unfulfilled.