Fun and Creative Walls

The walls themselves are pure fun, this is the proposal that includes a lot of  craftsmanship. Best? You can do it yourself according to your skills or maridex and namoradex. Who has no dog hunting with cousin and brother. Boys: you have seen yourself, with a little help in the touch-ups, that nobody is iron !!!

Papos apart the idea is to make the wall the great focal point of space and at that time has many solutions bacanérrimas, sustainable, and in, baratim, baratim !!! Are you doubting? Spy.

The bedroom upstairs is childish and has a lot in the set that helps, but this wall could well be in your atelier, or in your kitchen / cup or wherever your heart commands. As? Two options: Round stickers purchased ready or trimmed in vinyl sticker. It has a stylus that cuts perfect circles. Stop by your favorite craft store and check out this tool. Then embark !!!

Gibis climbing the walls. The step-by-step tip is right here, click.

Remember that you can scan the pages and print in any color, increasing or decreasing, if you like. Print the laser that you have no risk of smudging when you stick to the wall.

Is it for the bathroom? Arremate with waterproofing silicone to waterproof. Well true I’ve never tested it, but it seems to work fine. Do your little test before sending bullet at all.

The solution of pallets and recycled wood has its undeniable charm.

It suits you? With your space? Click here to check out practical tips. And here to see the pap of this same wall.

Is playing patchwork with fabrics delightful? in if it is, and easy too. Cut and paste, cut and paste, to see what will happen.

Did not find sticker material that pleases you? Click here and check out how to use other materials.

Suggestion is what is not lacking, but if you lack the will to put your hand in the dough, take a peek at these other posts in the Village. It’s itchy !!! Click: Breathtaking walls.