Full Hd Hybrid

Conclusion: The new Padfone is now also available without a Tablet dock and achieved good grades, especially in terms of display, equipment and camera in the test. The software also convinces with exclusive features. The aluminium housing is however a bit too clunky.

Originally was called the third Padfone Infinity and was us is already presented at the beginning of the year in Barcelona. That Infinity However never managed to Germany. Now a visually identical, but revised in terms of hardware version of the Tablet phone hybrid comes with the new Padfone in this country on the market. For the first time, ASUS also offered the smart phone without Tablet dock: round at a price of currently540 euro. The Padfone Tablet dock costs significantly more — the 750 euro You have to shell out (all prices as of mid-December 2013). By the way: Asus individually sells the Tablet dock. And: the smart phone is not compatible with the docks of the first and second generation of Padfone.

Too Big For 5 Inch

Let’s start with a comparison: the Nexus 5 Google has about a 5-inch LCD full-HD resolution as well as the new Padfone. The nexus comes with still handy dimensions of 138 x 70 x 9 mm. The Padfone measures already 143 x 73 x 9 mm. One reason for this is that ASUS uses the Android buttons below the screen and grabs also have the company name on the front page. The Padfone is therefore in hand less handy, the unused area to the display is too large. According to the manufacturer, the phone should weigh 145 grams, but on our scale it brings the new Padfone on proud 157 grams. Apart from the mass and the weight, the smart phone is excellently processed. The aluminum back missed the mobile a noble look. We can understand why ASUS however was the speaker at the edge of the power button.

The Tablet Station: Finally Full-HD

The Tablet dock of the new Padfone measures 265 x 182 x 11 mm and is around 690 grams along with the Smart phone. Despite equal display diagonal (10.1 inches), the new dock is larger and heavier than that of the Padfone 2. Also applies to the Tablet: the border around the display is much too wide. After all, is the gimmick pretty well in hand, but can compete in terms of design and weight not with current Spitzentablets.When you insert your smart phone into the dock, it is ready to use in seconds. Running apps are closed but, if they do not support the “dynamic display transition” from ASUS. This applies to virtually all applications that do not come from ASUS. Remove the phone from the dock, run only few selected apps on the phone next, about the camera, but not the chrome browser. The battery of the Tablet docks includes 5,000 mAh and is hardly felt amitava Saha get. Also class: The 10-inch display of the docks now resolves to full-HD and ensure beautifully sharp views. Exact test values are however still and complement we soon.

Mega Upgrades: Full HD, S800, 13 Megapixel

Compared to the Padfone 2 and the Padfone infinity, Asus has replaced the engine of the new Padfone. Along with 2 GB of RAM provides now the current Snapdragon 800 with four cores and 2.2 GHz clocking for ample drive. Both the mobile phone and Tablet mode the Padfone runs pretty smoothly. The 5-inch display of the Smartphones resolves as well as the dock in full HD and looks very sharp. In our test of the display, also the brightness and the proper contrast can convince. At last on the 13-mega pixel camera. The mobile Knipse delivers consistently bright, accurate color reproduction and sharp pictures. Our stay even in low light conditions Lab recordingssharp. The exterior shots show problems with light dark transitions. In tablet mode, the Padfone with maximum 5.5 megapixels take photos because the Smartphone to the portrait is to be inserted. It went down for the internal memory, which was reduced from 32 or 64 GB to 16 GB. For this, the new Padfone has bought a slot for microSD cards get. He sits sideways on the phone under a small flap. The amenities of the new Padfone is with LTE of category 4, NFC, Wi-Fi-ac and a mhl-capable USB connection very well.

Android 4.2 With Update Views

ASUS sets as in the Fonepad 6 on Android 4.2.2. The Taiwanese add a relatively current version of the Google operating system UI and many own apps to. In the notification bar, there are shortcuts for settings, screen brightness, and different features. ASUS voice echo, which is so far only in English or Taiwanese available is one of the exclusive apps.

4.2.2 Android makes a good impression on the Padfone, convince the functionality and menu design.It’s great, also, that ASUS has announced an update to Android 4.4 for the 2nd quarter in 2014.

Battery And Acoustics In The Average

While the monster battery of the tablet station runs and runs and runs, the juice is the Padfone in the online mode after 6 hours. In phone mode, it runs about 8 hours. The completely empty Padfone is after something more than 2.5 hours back fully charged.Not outstanding, but quite good Akkuwerte. The voice quality for calls going despite nasal sound in order, the handsfree however fights with blechernem sound and crackling on the line.

Alternative:Htc One

Die deutlich schlankere und auch günstigere Alu-Alternative heißtHTC One. The one currently running Android 4.3, an update to 4.4 was announced already. The display of the one is 4.7 inches tall, dissolves in full HD and is still one of the best LCDs on the market.As extras, there is LTE, NFC, and an infrared transmitter. Only when the quality of the camera, the HTC Smart phone has something looking up towards the Padfone. In online trading, you get the one currently for around 450 euro.