Four Essential Bags In Your Closet

Not all bags are the same, and for this reason not everyone can look in the same situations.

Bags are the complement to able to Stylize or ruin our look. And the worst for the undecided, or maybe for the lovers of this accessory, is that there are an infinite number of models and brands.

If you belong to the Group of the undecided and not know which buy, in My luxury bags make it easy, a bag for every occasion, so not fail ever.

Among the millions of models of prestigious brands, there is a series of bags that every girl should have in her wardrobe. Handbagpicks offer some of the models that should be a must have and which you can buy at a fantastic price on our website.

First, the more necessary bag, is one practical and simple which you can use on a daily basis and combine it with most of your clothes and events. We are talking about the mini Messenger bag. And no, this bag is not at odds with fashion, quite the contrary, won’t want to take it. These models are very comfortable since they can be crossed thanks to its adjustable strap or shoulder.

Other bags that can not miss in our wardrobe is the shopping bag. This bag is perfect for the days in which we need to take many things due to its size XL. The handles are of greater width, allowing you to carry the bag comfortably without losing the sophisticated look .

The tote is similar to the shopping bag but more elegant, is a model of short handle that always takes the hand. It is a timeless bag that year after year continues to cause trend among fashion lovers. The versatility of this bag allows you to use it every day in your most casual looks and at the same time the most sophisticated.

Finally, the handbags, which have in any wardrobe since you will need them. They are known asclutch, within these there are several models that stand out as the type pouch, box, jewel, wrisletetc. More uncomfortable may be on every day because they have no belt. However, some do have a small string to hang it from the shoulder and be more comfortable. Combined with a lookof wonder for a quiet evening, a formal event… And them there is more eye-catching to party nights where will be the sophisticated and elegant brooch which are characterized.

Now you know what bags can not miss in your closet, but that does not mean that you can not give you a treat with the other models. Do not give up none! In My luxury bags you can have want them it at a spectacular price.