Formal Shirt for Men

Formal Shirt

It is made in a small workshop in Portugal and distributed to 70 euros.

The Details

The details are classic and features a formal shirt-The Neck is narrow enough: he will not necessarily with wide ties (or too heavy material or thick) or with the stately tie knots. I tried a half-windsor here is already too large relative to the width of the panels. The ideal is the single oven node in hand but do not risk the full windsor

Also careful not to lose your removable stays because their length is suddenly quite below the more conventional standard shirts. (Whales of other shirts will be too long for them.

Finally, this pass will not necessarily all body, especially if you have a big head or a particularly thick neck.

The cup

The cut is quite satisfactory with a fairly high armhole which dishes well worth your curves a little more space in the back to keep comfort. (Much the same final compromise that Office Artist).


Poplin is rather pleasant to the touch and light to carry, especially that it is a simple wire frame and not double thread. The description says it is just thick enough to not be transparent: it is real party unless for example you have tattoos. They contrast sharply and suddenly be glimpsed through (I did say is divine because it is barely perceptible).
In short, nothing handicapping but still interesting to note


The finishes are however rather impressive for the price:
-the seams 7 points centimeter, made in English
-the reinforcement swallows

Loom really put the package on the finish, which is the same time the 10 year warranty that comes with its products.

Style tips

It is a formal shirt so I took a formal outfit, no confusion with a double-breasted suit and striped at Blandin Delloye and tie Workshop Mansion.


Casual: 7/10 The shirt fits well in a casual chic style and even under a sweater with a simple texture. Formal:  8/10 A classic formal white shirt (view MensShirtsShop), but with however a less classic collar as narrower than normal . risk taking:  2/10 note to your body: the saddle will not necessarily if you have a large head and a thick neck. Similarly, attention to broader ties or imposing knots. Price /: 10/10 (very good both in fabric finishing)

In short, at 70 euros, it was a very satisfactory product in terms of material and finishes. Warning against by the small collar.