Formal Dresses Evening Wear

Life consists of many different areas and events where one is usually dressed differently. At work you often wears suits or costumes, leisure casual clothes, such as jeans pants and T-shirt and the sport has often breathable fitness clothes in the closet. For special evening out and festive occasions requires special evening wear, which can be purchased in plenty of choice in the online shop of the mail order company Schwab. Events in which special and separate evening wear is worn, are, for example, opera balls, graduations, award ceremonies or official visits.

Evening wear for men consists mainly of suits that can occur in differentiated variants. Often black jacket suits are worn with a white shirt and trousers. Other forms that are worn on very official and reputable events like grand opera balls or state visits, are the tails and the tuxedo.

Evening wear for women may also occur in different versions. Probably the most popular form of evening wear are evening dresses . These can be worn in different lengths and different colors. Evening dresses that are cut long, far above the knees and sometimes even collapse the shoes of the wearer. Even short evening dresses are suitable for upscale events. However, care should be taken that the substance least knees covered. Black and dark shades are dominant in this evening wear, but other colors are also conceivable, as long as they are not too flashy and playful.

Special and very showy variants of evening dresses are the fancy ball gowns. The upper part of this particular dress is often reminiscent of a corset. In addition, ball gowns consist almost exclusively of noble and very high quality materials, such as silk or satin. Moreover, the very festive dresses are like decorated with embroidery or other accessories.

Festive fashion for small parties where no strict dress code applies, but can, for example, to also send casual cocktail dresses are collected. The cocktail dress has a very famous origin. French designer Coco Chanel was the first cocktail dress designed with the “little black dress” and designed. In the 1920s, the dress was a real pre-order and very special. Today, it is an indispensable part of the evening wear.

Also smart and liked to see are festive pantsuits . The two-piece is composed of a pair of trousers and a corresponding jacket, made of the same fabric. Under the jacket a blouse worn often. In the 1970s, it was still almost scandalous act as woman in pantsuit, today bear themselves known politicians pantsuits at official occasions.

For every woman is well equipped in the area of evening wear, there are at Schwab dresses and pantsuits in all sorts of designs that you can choose depending on the situation and occasion. There are also special evening clothes for women, so that women can chic and classy occur with large sizes.