Five Types of Coats for Winter

Winter is coming and you won’t be caught off guard gathered five tips from coats to protect themselves from the cold. Select classic and safe options that any man can invest without fear and that combines with a variety of much larger pieces than usual.

The Five Types Of Coats More Plurals

See what are the coats more versatile models for you to have in your wardrobe and be able to combine with different fashion items.

Trench Coat

The Centennial jacket, designed for military use in World War I, is a great option for rainy days, and can be used with social parts or even jeans and shirt by creating a more stripped.

Classic in women’s wardrobes, coat Trench Coat can deliver sophistication and elegance for men too, no wonder it was elected by fashionistas as one of the types of essential male jacket!


One of the sensations of the last few seasons, the knitting continues on high for winter 2017. At the same time when the piece nicely in looks more social, also offers a sophisticated for most productions stripped clean.

The best is that you can invest in more fun for the holidays and occasions lighter and more structured tricôs for the day to day, especially in the workplace.

Varsity Jacket

This jacket, which is fashion in American sitcoms, is already beginning to appear in Brazil, although shy way. Ideal for sports and looks more robbed, blends well with jeans and high-top sneakers.

In addition, the varsity jacket can also be used combined with Twill pants and sunglasses, giving a more youthful air to any look.


Model of whole body or 3/4, especially among the types of coats preferred and is always an elegant and sophisticated option for any occasion. Blends well with social parts for more formal looks, but can also be used in a more relaxed way with pants and shoes on line comfort.

Leather Jacket

The first item in the list of “classics” of the male wardrobe, is another safe option, with no chance of error. The leather jacket gives a look “stripped” with a lot of style and never goes out of style.

And there, in which of the options you will bet this winter? Choose your and complete the look on the catwalk !