Fishing Dams for Catfish

This variant is similar to capture trolling, performing from a boat offshore and trying to get good-sized animals such as bluefin tuna, foxes or other.

The big-game fishing is not a kind of catch entering the group of the most popular forms, but it is still a very recognized by the connoisseurs of the subject and which can participate anyone who has the necessary equipment method.

The first thing you should know is that it is done from a boat offshore, or whether they are areas with great depths. You not necessarily have to have their own ship, and you can rent one at ports.

The brumeo is also known as fishing and resembles the crankbait. Basically it is fishing larger species, such as red, foxes or other tuna. Some can weigh more than 100 kilos.

To carry out this activity, the first thing to consider is choosing the right place to stop the boat engine. To this we must have a radar that tells us if there are fish in the area or see if there are gulls and other aquatic species that attract the largest.


Having achieved this, we must deploy fishing gear; it is to have good bearing rods and excellent resistance. Apart from reels, a lot of meters of nylon, hooks, buoys, sinkers and baits (which usually are sardines and other small fish).

These are placed in the stern of the ship diagonally or vertically and the hook should be thrown at a distance of over 10 meters. It is not recommended to use more than 3 harvesting equipment, because they can produce entanglements between them.

In turn, each line thrown into the sea must have a certain depth, you will have to go from low to high between is thrown. This variant allows us to be more likely to be effective.


The way to attract prey is baiting the water throwing sardines or other small fish carrying the animal trap we want to want to eat. Besides the bait will have its own bait and is it will appeal to the fish. The way to shed small specimens may vary according to what each person wants: for example the pull some one, others fractionate and fishing sector chooses drop handfuls.

But that only tells how to prepare for the brumeo, then comes the most exciting moment is when the itch occurs. There plays much the role of the person who must fight against animal of great size and once attracted to each other, can help with any network or something to pick it up.

The boats used for this type of capture often spend several days at sea and have cold storage to preserve fish. The activity can have a commercial or sporty look depending on who does it.