First Urban São Paulo Camping Option for Adventure Sports Fair

São Paulo win your first campground. The design is different from a traditional camping obviously physical issues of a city that does not have free areas in your central, but ensures that the camper can enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of this lifestyle: Sleep in your own shelter. Even being in the center of the biggest metropolis of the country may choose to bring your own tent (small) or rent there. The camping is already hosting option for those coming to Adventure Sports Fair. The owner John Paulo Amorim held a forum on the subject in the exhibition by the space MaCamp.

The camping [that already listed in our guide to Campsites] works in Aki Hostel in the paradise and was deployed in the penthouse at the small building. The synthetic grass floor adapt search some of the pleasures of nature under the tent, but does not dispense the luxuries of the big city with retractable coverage in case of rain and winds. Who do you think would give the same than renting one of the beds in the hostel is why not experienced being inside your own House, interacting with your neighbors and enjoy the tent light rays in the night sky in Sao Paulo. The different camp brings the taste of camping in the buildings and buzz from the São Paulo.

The theme of Urban Camping comes in the flow of the discussion about the potential of camping as hosting mode infinitely potential for a country like Brazil. Just like in traditional molds camping leverages the destinations and the natural beauties and protects areas of preservation. Already the urban camping can be a great alternative to the lack of space in big cities. This theme will be subject to a forum that will be taught by the owner of the Aki Hostel – João Paulo Amorim in partnership with MaCamp which will have a space-concept of camping within the Adventure Sports Fair. Interested students and owners of Hostels can participate freely on Friday October 14 at 14:00 h.

Still in the camping, the entire structure of the hostel is the disposition of the campers, with lounges, TV, bar, restaurant and rooms with Wifi. The collective toilets are complete with hot showers and the camper also has the collective kitchen for preparing your own food. The hostel has both shared rooms traditional as private. Learn more at the official site.