Fire bowls

Enjoy life with shells of fire

Fire bowls can be a real eye-catcher in your own garden. More often, when it comes to garden design, they come to use. They are usually made of solid steel and to provide for a certain warmth as for adequate light. So they are often referred to as path lighting or as a light source used. There are of course different designs, so there are relatively simple braziers, which serve, while other models are artfully handled only as path lighting and give the garden a touch of extravagance.

Some variants are also used as documentation for bonfire, it is enough only to place them on the ground and can then start a camp fire on them and destroy it without the ground among them. As well, fire bowls are often used as grills, to do this it is sufficient to place a grid on the Pan and already has a functioning Grill out of her. Fire bowls are made often black in color, finally they get this color anyway by alone, when they lit a fire in them, however, there are also bronze models, which are rather used as lighting. Made stands, which are the shells of fire above the ground and prevents burning so that among them are often made of solid steel.