Find Out If You Are In Love With Your Bra

What is love? How do we know whether or not we are in love? Sometimes interpret the feelings is more complicated than we think. Is it love or is love what you feel by our partner? Don’t worry more because it seems to be a called Ravijour Japanese underwear company has created a bra can determine if a woman is or not in love.

How? It turns out that this innovative bra opens only when we are in love. To detect it, bra, which is linked by bluetooth to a sensor, has palpitations of the woman who wears it is close to your partner. If the heartbeat is accelerated it is sign that the woman is in love with and, then, turns on a sensor with a light pink and lingerie garment opens automatically. Should not accelerate the pulse of women means that she is not in love with, and therefore, the bra will not open jam s.

In addition, the creators of this bra also explain that women who are in love experience a very particular emotions and secrete a hormone called catecholamine. Fastener sensor detects how much these hormones are segregated and evaluates the infatuation of the couple. If some degree of love, the clip opens.

To give you an idea more clear, we leave the video in which lingerie company sponsors the fastener.

Truth is that this bra can be a good gift for Valentine’s day but, at the moment, has not yet been released and it is not known if it will start to produce to be marketed. What is clear is that technology doesn’t advance to forced marches.