Female Sports Shirts-Models

It is not today that women came out of what was considered exclusive domain and started to participate in all activities and social situations. Breaking into the labour market, even in professions considered masculine, many women also began to be interested in all kinds of sports. The major companies behind the national and international competitions and the great teams have realized this and are offering several unique products for an audience that can’t stop growing.

Specifically speaking of sports shirts, every day new models are launched. Since the shirts that are uniform in female versions to cheer shirts with a design thought to women, the list of products and women’s clothing is increasing in all sporting goodsstores, are physical stores or virtual stores. Let’s go through the official stores a few times and take a look at your main shirts, on the type of material that is used and in their models.

The Corinthians bring as official store the latest installment featuring Wayne Rooney. Among the models of uniforms of game we can find three options with feminine design: a white shirt, a black one and special made to commemorate the centenary of the Club. All these are shirts from Nike, the company that takes care of the uniform and sporting goods from Corinthians, and have the same technology as the official game uniforms. The t-shirts of fans already feature twenty-one female models, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. And there we can find even a dress! According to anyblouses, are races, polo shirts, short sleeve … all made by Nike. And between the coats and sweaters of cold we have a very large number of feminine products: 105 different models for women to choose from! In this case are not only models of Corinthians, but female models of Nike which do not present any time stamped.

Another great team in the State of São Paulo, Santos, also invests a lot in products for their cheerleaders. The official store site is the village of Santos and, as well as the site of the Corinthians, is idealized by Netshoes, a major sports company. The uniforms of the Saints game feature five female models-remembering that Santos has a very strong women’s football after the hiring of Mars, female phenomenon of Brazilian football. Two of the female models are customized with the number and name of Santos player. The Saints uniforms are made by Umbro. Among the shirts, the Saints have 10 templates available for your cheerleaders, whereas, as in the case of sweaters and coats of Corinthians, one is model of Umbro, at no time stamped. Between the coats and jackets, are three models of the Saints and three of Umbro.

These are two great teams in the State of São Paulo, but virtually all the teams from all sports have discovered the importance of the female market. And all of them offer several product options in their official stores. Find your favorite team’s store and enjoy!