Fast Cooking: Colorful Oven Vegetables


  1. You love the Mediterranean cuisine and want to spoil your body with plenty of fresh ingredients? How about oven vegetables? The recipe is very easy. Promised: With a little effort, you’ll get a real treat.

    Hardly any dish can be as simple and fast as oven vegetables. A recipe gives you the direction, but you can choose the ingredients as you wish. So: colorful basket of vegetables shopping and ran to the snapping!

    Oven Vegetables: Variable List Of Ingredients

    In hardly anything, the tastes differ as strongly as with the vegetables. One does not like zucchini, the other is fond of the green pumpkin. But do not worry, even if we present you a cooking recipe here – you can of course exchange the ingredients as desired. For those who love the Mediterranean, write the following list for four hungry mouths:

    2 medium sized zucchini (around 400 grams)

    1 eggplant

    2 peppers

    400 grams of carrots

    400 grams of mushrooms

    400 grams of cherry tomatoes

    3 teaspoons herbs of Provence

    3 tablespoons of olive oil

    3 fresh sprigs of rosemary

    Oven Vegetables: Recipe With Whistle

    The Most Important Thing Is Certainly The Herb Marinade For The Oven Vegetables.

    1. Grab the fresh rosemary, the herbs of Provence and the olive oil and mix everything together.Add some salt and pepper, and if you like, some garlic or chili – but of course this is not a must.
    2. Now you can grab a wooden board as well as a sharp knife.Dedicate yourself first to courgettes and eggplant. Before you cut them into strips about one centimeter wide, wash them thoroughly.
    3. Peel the peppers and divide them into coarse pieces.Peel the carrots first and then chop around four to five centimeter wide treats. If the mushrooms are very large, divide them after washing in the middle – just like the cherry tomatoes.
    4. The vegetables are ready, now it’s about marinating.Mix the fresh ingredients with the oil-herbal mix in a bowl. Stir until all the pieces are nicely moistened.
    5. Then place everything on a baking tray and season again with salt and pepper.For the extra taste now also the Rosmarinzweige on the oven vegetables land. According to the recipe, this is now only about 200 degrees for an almost half an hour in the oven.

    A Delicious Dip For Oven Vegetables

    Of course, you can also enjoy the delicious food simply with a freshly baked baguette. It is particularly delicious, however, if you offer a dip, which adds extra flavor, without however the fine notes to the dubbing. Ideal is a simple yogurt dressing – combined with a touch of lemon.

    All You Need For It:

    Natural yoghurt

    2 tablespoon crème fraîche

    1 splash of lemon juice

    If you mix these ingredients together, a dip is produced, which harmoniously harmonizes with the rest of the dish. Salt must not be forgotten and the feasting can begin. Bon Appetit!