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The balloon dresses are a fad of the 80s. Many people still have the image of a dancing Madonna in balloon like dress that sparkled with a short skirt and big bow in the hair in a music video on the screen. The design of balloon dresses is different and is marked by the ruffle at the hem, which is responsible for the actual dress. With a rubber band or satin ribbon sewn at the hem, the balloon dress is slightly tighter than the fabric hem. The balloon-shaped somewhat like the puffball dresses, which is available on this website. The balloon dresses especially like to be worn in the summer months as summer dresses and recently celebrated her comeback.

The upper part of the dress is emphasized and thus stands in stark contrast to the rest of the dress. For this reason, the balloon dress is not for women who are somewhat dense at the hip. Here the balloon dress should have a rather darker shade of fabric that emphasizes the character of less. The slightly plump women can read in the guide “plus size styling tips” for more style helps. The length of the clothes is usually knee-length, but can vary. There is no very long balloon dresses reaching to the ground. The balloon dresses can be worn to all events. The colour and fabric selection can be found no matter whether it is a wedding, a birthday, or a cocktail pary.

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