Fashion Trend: Genderless

Lindeeezaaas OII! Those who follow the blog know that trend no matter hit here. Fashion today is increasingly versatile and given to all tastes. What I’m sure is something sooo good! We can see how things are going far beyond just “way of dressing” and more about who you are, one of the trends that more has called attention in the fashion world is Genderless fashion that blends genres and brings something totally innovative for those who follow sets.

For those who still do not know or do not understand, I explain. The Genderless fashions is a concept that represents a style without gender identity, i.e. it can be used as much for men as for women. The style brings a thousand ways and means in time to produce the look. Even though blown by now, the concept is already being seen in some past collections, but it was Gucci, in 2015, which brought up all this possibility. Today, with the possibility of merge male and female styles, brands such as C & A and ZARA have already launched their unisex versions bringing love and hatred for this somewhat controversial but revolutionary movement.

According to Cyclingenthusiasm, to join the bandwagon, you don’t even have to go too far, you can steal that shirt or jacket from the wardrobe of the friend, father or boyfriend and innovate in the production. Quite different huh? But not so much. After all, who here never stole any male piece to incorporate the look? I’m going to let some inspirations for you invested in style and glass on the streets. Can use, this trend is making the head of many fashionistas and will surely make your.