Fashion Shoes

The shoes of fashion 2013 won new trends and came renewed. After national and international shows and the release of the big score, we can tell what are the models that are going to rock that year.

Fashion Shoes

Today there is a woman who is not in love with shoes, they are often the first to be chosen before the clothes and handbags. Check out 2013 fashion trends for footwear

Trends for shoes in 2013

Sneaker and sneakers

The shoes came to be in a format that is more comfortable in more fashion too, taking the sport style and leaving them more chic to day to day. Are the famous sneaker that can be worn with skirts, shorts and pants.

Ankle boots and Pumps

The famous and iconic pumps returned to be more stylish and with colors, thumbtacks and transparencies to modernize the template that already existed. The ankle boots keep feet of women, mostly coloured and also with animal print shoes according to justinshoes.

Heel sandals

The high-heeled Sandals now came more comfortable:the Paw was left out and the heels came a little lower to facilitate the daily lives of women. The shoes of ethnic prints are coming in this year.

Colored shoes

The color is sure to be blue for all the shoes, the blue Klein, inspired by the French artist Yves Klein. The candy colors are another trend that arrived in Accessories, on the other hand the neon parts are also with all.

Cap toe

Another trend is the bi-colored shoes that come in mixing various colors leaving the elegant and relaxed. The cap toes, which are the famous heel with the tip of the shoe of metal or another color are already at the feet of all famous.

The shoes of this post are from Arezzo and mark Samuel, and are available for purchase. Liked the new trends? Also we’ve already told here what the bikini for the summer of 2013.