Fashion For Dogs

Reviewing the catalog of dog clothes we can find fashion and trends in coats, with or without hood, felt, cotton or skin, long or short sleeve t-shirts personalized with your best bark and even wedding dresses and wedding suits. Not to mention the line of shoes and boots. This clothing like dogs or only to the masters? Is it necessary to dress up our mascot?

Dog clothes: fashion or need?

Small breed dogs suffer much more than the big race from temperature changes, according to petwithsupplies. Due to their low volume maintaining the internal temperature is compromised by sudden environmental changes.

This could be the real reason for advising owners that, at the same time that they put a coat to leave home, to avoid sudden change of temperature of the interior of our homes to the winter outside, is advisable to cover our pet.

In the same way, rainy days that we must inevitably take our dog to walk, should prevent that you soak and thus avoid problems for our pet medical and hygienic for our House.

Canine fashion and trends

Anyway this justification does not require our mascot to follow fashion, but to taste there is nothing written. If recommend putting a coat our carlino or chihuahua to go for a walk, I will not ask to be Lacoste or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. In this respect I think that your pet and I think the same thing: “while it smells not very rare and does not cause me allergies or irritations, leave the pleasure of choosing our style to the owners, that are sure to have one reason more than enough to buy pants with studs”.

The theme of the dogs fashion does not end here. There are sports equipment, costumes for Halloween and Carnival. We can find fashion special for Christmas and party dress… endless! Already talked about the new Canine society each ve more classist and so-called dogs vip.

As a conclusion we must protect clothing our dogs from the inclemency of the weather. With what and how is the owner decision. Fashion footwear… leave it for another post.