Fashion Color Combinations 2014

Undeniable trend in the coming year will fit. This trendy part of the female wardrobe-a great option for all situations, also requires a combination of top and bottom right colors and proportions, which is very convenient. Fashion trends for the coming season to wear a jumpsuit allows not just every day, but also at the Office, as well as parties and celebrations.

Summer Women Overalls 2014 Fashion Season

In collections of famous brands overalls summer season will be presented with the shorts and pants, with bright prints, or plain. Designers think the fashionable thing to help her owner that manages to combine simplicity, convenience and style. During the coming season will be characterized overalls unconventional approach designers, models will be easier and more convenient, simply wonderful cornucopia of styles and colors.

For owners of long slender legs can recommend costumes with short shorts and hide the too thin help options with pants. Fok us on the narrow waist is possible with the help of overalls, belts or ties. Femininity and fragility of girls with narrow shoulders help model without straps or strapless. Also this way the thing is simply indispensable in the closet in pregnant women.

Hide the completeness of the model will help calm colors and lightweight discreet pressure, but figures with large spots or horizontal stripe is strictly prohibited.

Very popular during the summer season will be models in white, as well as overalls, characterized juicy vibrant colors-pink, raspberry, all shades of red, blue, turquoise, green and yellow.

Trends Choose Costumes During The Season of Spring

In the spring, more than ever, the girls want to look fashionable and stylish. The development of spring 2014, overall. This fashion items as any of the fair sex of their feasibility and outstanding.In addition, the designers tried satisfied women with different types of characters. At the fashion shows presented models that emphasize the beauty of a wonderful way not only slim girls, but also women with curvaceous form.

Season Spring 2014 different feminine styles, undeniable trend will overalls of lightweight women’s knitwear, denim, satin and chiffon. Bargain conclusion imitating the dress coat, have designers achieved this effect thanks baggy at the bottom of the dress.

can be seen on the catwalk of overalls, sustained in the spirit of minimalism, or vice versa-amazingly complex brim. During the coming season wonderfully co-exist with suits with wide pants or narrower model. The fair sex, this fact cannot but rejoice.

Highlight the incredibly attractive and sexy will choose costumes with bare shoulders or back.Closed model with a strict brim fits perfectly into your business style and a strict dress code, while allowing women to stay beautiful and irresistible.

Very interesting is the choice in favor of saturated colors and floral prints, animal, but also relevant to be restrained and solid colors.

Fashion Overalls, Winter Season 2014

Worth noting that such a thing as an overall, highly relevant for the coming year, and winter 2014 is no exception.

Designers are unanimous in their opinion that the absolute trend in winter-overall combines information on the jacket “leather jackets”. The shows fashion such models were decorated with metal studs and leather patches. It is popular not just models in skin and fur, and both are richly decorated with flashes of varying length.

Every fashionista during winter season 2014 should have in his wardrobe pantsuit in classic tones and colors. A good alternative to an Office costume will be a combination of such a suit with a blouse and Blazer.

Denim Overalls-Fashion Trend by 2014

Denim overalls-an essential suit not only for the rest of the city, it is perfect for meeting friends or a romantic date.

perfectly suited for young girls overalls on a figure with an emphasis on the waist. To emphasize the natural beauty and simple way to help opt for subtle pastel colors. But women who are older should select resolved, but form-fitting model of bright, saturated colors.

Trends in 2014 When Choosing jumpsuits

During the upcoming fashion season evening jumpsuits model is characterised by brief and a sense of proportion, but despite this, they are very appealing and even sexy. Trends focus on all kinds of bustiers, direct cut on the bodice, Bare shoulders or back. In the selection of models girls look unusual, but bold and very attractive.

Designers believe that the focus on the waist, a discreet curtain, embroidery and lace and fine fabrics-these are the main trends in the fashion season. And in combination with exquisite shoes with high heels-any girl would be incredibly good.