Fashion and Movies: Small Base Coat For the Classic Pure H-Figure Type

…oder the capsule wardrobe of Diane Keaton in “What the heart desires”

Diane Keaton in the pure, White Turtleneck with white jeans. Diane Keaton in a plain, white T-Shirt with light beige Chino pants. Diane Keaton in the classic, white pantsuit with gold jewelry. I could continue this list forever! But unfortunately, the outfits of the actress in the film “what the heart desires” are finally. And I know them all by heart. Because there are films that are among my favorite films not only because of its lovely, fascinating history, but mainly because I can see myself not tired of the fashion style of the protagonist. Like for example, Diane Keaton, which will be staged in the previous film as a pure, classic H-figure type .

And because the stylists of Hollywood are among the best of their craft, leaves from the base wardrobe, which put together for their Filmheldinnen, learn a lot. Are you pure classical music? Then you’ll love the Capsule Wardrobe by Diane Keaton.

What the fashion heart desires

In the film, Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson playing a mature couple that finds only after some, highly amusing twists and turns to each other. The story took place naturally on the most beautiful locations you can imagine: a beautiful luxury villa in the Hamptons and New York Downtown – where else.

While Diane Keaton embodies a divorced, emancipated and very successful playwright in her 50s, who may not quite admit that she suffers from her loneliness. Until seniore, new dating of their daughter in her life emerges and swirls it duly confused. For the lifestyle of each other stand and finally the big love evolved from deep aversion – according to Hollywood-schema – only a one night.

While Diane Keaton mutates in her role of the cool, controlled success woman about the sporty-natural friend, to the seductive self-assured and passionate loving.

These different facets of the film character is reflected in her dressing room. Their outfits change of high-necked, cool and a little austere looks of sporty androgynous reliability up to classic femininity. You are always simple, pure and clean. And they stage the narrow H character of Diane Keaton from case to case rather tomboyish or curvy – depending on which event in the film is just given.

The perfect outfit for every movie occasion

The events cited in the film, and thus also the respective outfits from Diane exhibit a wide range:

  • If it sits in the Hamptons at the desk or makes your walks on the beach, Diane is a comfortable, sporty androgynous casual look. This consists of a white Turtleneck sweaters, V sweater in white, off white and light blue, white, and blue Bootcut-jeans and a light beige Chino pants. This combined a smooth knit cardigan sweater with Turtleneck collar and zip – also in white. Or she wears a waisted stripe blouse in white, black and grey like a jacket even.
  • If Diane’s errands, the jeans is exchanged also against a black trousers. In this way, the look is something representative. Also, a white Hobo bag is a classic for leisure activities, or strolling as shopping.
  • Diane is professionally on the road, the outfit will be darker and structured: a gray Turtleneck is also used instead of White Turtleneck and the Cardigan is replaced with a black frock-coat or short coat.
  • Also Diane’s outfit is notable when it comes to sleepwear. This has primarily androgynes flair. In addition to a grey oversized robe with white, thin stripes and collar she wears prefers white round neck T-shirts to wide Pajama pants. Only in the course of the film, this style makes a black silk robe space, depositing on the erotic feminine side of the character.
  • To the romantic date finally is also black. Then, Diane wears a super simple, figure close to the small of black with V-neck, whose Purheit is broken only by a discreet leather cord at the neck. There is a rectangular, also black clutch – the iconography of a clutch so to speak. the whole is complemented by a salmon-red pashmina scarf – the only splash of colour, Diane wearing loose over the arm, which perfectly corresponds with her blond gray Heather hair.
  • At an elegant dinner finally Diane accesses to the secret weapon of the androgynous H figure: the waisted trouser suit. She wears it also simple, closed, without visible top among them, only with gold jewelry to ear and wrist. Especially the cut of the pants suit is important: the trousers have a pant leg, which brings momentum to the H character. And the Blazer is so cleverly fitted that creates an hourglass look.
  • In the last scene of the film finally Diane wears an Classic, three-part ensembleduring a visit to the restaurant with the whole family: white blouse, white pants, and light grey, waisted Bouclé Blazer. To do this, a three-row Pearl necklace as a Choker adorns her neck. So she shows catch, classic femininity – still cool and elegant, but also friendly and familiar.
  • As a winter coat Diane wears a black, classic Blazer coat, to a black and white striped scarf.

The colors of the outfits: predominantly bright, neutral and cool with warm accents

As above listing shows, Diane Keaton moves with her film figure predominantly in the bright, cool and neutral color spectrum. This special feature: pure white pieces of clothing are definitely warmer white traces, such as off white and light beige, combined. There are also splashes of light grey. A cleaner is created, cooler look that is enough space but also the warm colours in Diane’s natural pigmentation. So given the monochromatic look more depth and is interesting.

Diane’s character remains color mostly bright, clear and easy. The pure – also quite character eager – and vulnerable to be symbolized. This black is used as the color of the evening, of seduction and professional rigor.

Two more colors as accent colors in the basic wardrobe will be recorded only in two scenes: the bright pastel blue a V sweater and a stole mentioned salmon color. Two scenes is gay, more open and better to represent the character something. Without attributing the full temperament of a Femme Fatale to it however. Interesting, isn’t it?

The H-figure can be staged tomboyish or curvy.

Interesting on the basic wardrobe of Diane Keaton is also what cut is used. It is striking that…

  • … the clothes always figure near or figure umspielend is, so that the waist is well visible.
  • almost all upper parts slightly or strongly fitted are, in addition, to support the momentum of the waist;
  • … almost all pants down are shown, so that also straight legs with narrow hips as a whole look curvy and female (only exception: the Chinohose for the sporty boyish style);
  • …, the closed high turtlenecks and high cut round-neck T-shirts beautifully emphasize a small bosom ;
  • … the V-necks can accentuate the waist and appearing slim.

The rather straight, narrow H figure can be represented with these cutting methods, more or less curvy according to desire and film event. And that works in real life!

Capsule wardrobe for the pure, classic H figure

A very appealing capsule wardrobe for the pure, classic H character can be developed on the basis of this film-fashion analysis. It is versatile and yet inducements. It includes the following clothing items (find some parts of it in a similar version in the attached chart; Affiliate-Links):

  • Thin figure, white, middle gray Turtleneck
  • Waisted, white grey black striped blouse
  • pure white, waisted blouse
  • white round-neck T-shirt with long sleeves
  • White and light blue, fitted V-neck sweater
  • White, tailored Cardigan with zipper
  • Black, fitted long Blazer or frock coat
  • Grey, heavily tailored Bouclé Blazer
  • White and blue Bootcut jeans
  • Black, easily issued pants
  • light beige Chinohose
  • White, tailored pants suit
  • knee-length, plain small of black with Dreiviertelärmel and v-neckline

The accessories are also visible in the film:

  • simple leather cord necklace with stones;
  • three-row Pearl Choker;
  • Gold hoop earrings;
  • wide, Golden bracelet;
  • Gold cocktail ring;
  • Black, rectangular oblong-shaped clutch;
  • White Hobobag.

The shoes of the character are unfortunately hard to see. I bet, however, that are bright, flat leather shoes as well such as classic pumps in nude and black. You agree with me?

We are at the end of this small film-fashion analysis. Could I inspire you? What did you take for themselves to knowledge? Do you know the film “What the heart desires”? And how do you find the clothes by Diane Keaton? I look forward to your comments!

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