Eyebrow Kit Vult

Hello girls, how was your weekend? I hope well, lol. The subject of today’s eyebrows, so I’m going to talk about a Kit that is perfect to make them beautiful, is the Eyebrow Kit Vult.

The Vult is a brazilian brand. Is this good or bad? This is because domestic ótimooo are a lot easier to find products and Vult can be found in any drugstore.

The packaging is very cute, beautiful, and comes every illustrated; and still have a mirror set paletinha lid.

The kit contains two shadows in shades of brown to fill, one light and the other dark tone, a shimmery shadow, a cerinha which is used to attach the hair, a pencil, a brush and a clamp.

In the packing instructions in four steps from the instructions for use, I found it interesting because in addition to teaching how to fix her eyebrows, indicating to what each item of kit.

Observe how shadows are well pigmented:

My opinion: as I said earlier is a very good, but I only use the shadows and cerinha. I don’t see the need to use pencil and shade at the same time, in this case I chose to use the shadow because it leaves the most natural brow.

In my case the pencil is just grooming kit; I don’t think the good brush to make the correction, I prefer a beveled brush because it gives me more precision, use the brush from the kit for other purposes, clamp, this is bad, I don’t have much to talk about it because I don’t use it.

How I use it: Apply first the wax because besides fix the fixation also help by the shade, making it last longer. Oh! And helps a lot in color pigmentation also!

If the weather is too hot, I don’t use wax because it can melt and smear everything or you can have a look well, in that case, I replace for a prime. Soon after, with the help of a beveled brush I apply the shadow filling the holes and even drawing an outline for the eyebrow stay beautiful. If I find it necessary to light up the Arch of the eyebrow. This is the result:

Note the difference between an eyebrow and the other race not corrected

So, what do you think? I hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to leave your comments at health-Beauty-guides and suggestions. Kiss and until the next.