Extremely Useful to Do with PET Bottles

Juice Extractor, smart ice door, watering for gardens and more!

Before throwing your plastic bottles in the trash, you need to take a look at this article.

The Thai canal Thaitrick published a video with seventeen ways to turn that PET bottle that was going to waste in super useful for your life hacks. That’s a lot of creativity, Brazil! Look at (in Thai and English):


1. Support for umbrella not watering car

Cut the bottom of a bottle (if the umbrella is small, can be a smaller bottle) and make two holes on the sides so that you pass a barbate and create a handle.

Now just hang this handle on the backrest of the seat and make sure that the CAP is closed. Won’t spill a drop in your cart!

2. food saver

Take a galãozinho of 5 liters and cut about a foot below the neck. Okay, you have a kind of cover, which can be used to keep the flies out of your soup according to novowaterbottles.

3. Watering can “auto”

Make several holes in PET bottle cap, and cut the bottom.

Now just introduce the bottleneck on Earth and fill the bottle. Bit by bit the drops of water will moistening the Earth. Perfect for when you are traveling.

4. Funnel

Cut the neck of a bottle and use it as a funnel.

5. Spoon

Take a 2 liter bottle and cut it in half. Using the curves that the design of the base of the bottle offers, draw a spoon.

With scissors, cut the shape of the spoon and pass the flame of a lighter at the edges to burn the plastic shavings. The crowd of camp pyre!

6. Pull Bag

Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle and then place multiple bags inside it, with the “mooring” so that the bags are all prey on others by the handles, like on the GIF below:

Cover the bottom of the bottle that you cut with another bottleneck (from another bottle) and you’re done your sycophants! You can arrest her making a string handle or screw it to the wall.

7. Support for camera

Make a hole in the middle of the cap of the bottle and pass the screw that fits the camera pass by him.

Put the CAP back on the bottle filled to give weight and thread the screw into the camera. Your “Tripod” this ready.

8. Sprinkler

Make several small holes at the base of a PET bottle.

Attach the garden hose from the bottle and hold very well with a strong adhesive tape, can be duct tape, duct tape. Let.

Create a support to keep the bottle with the holes to the side off. Now just open the tap it’s going to rain in your garden!

9. clear gem Tab

Press the middle of a PET bottle empty and pull gently the bottleneck in the bud. Release the bottle pressure “suck” the yolk quickly. Magic, right?

10. Support for toilet paper

Cut half a galãozinho of 5 litres of water and make two holes aligned on your side.

Pass a cleaning Rod through these holes and use it to support your hold the paper roll. Your support is done!

11. bathroom Organizer

Cut a medium or small PET bottle as shown in the image below

Make a hole in this extended part bottle and hang it in the dead of your bathroom. Put brushes, toothpaste and all the little bathroom inside it!

12. Orange juicer

Cut the bottom of a large PET bottle and insert another smaller bottle inside her. The “butt” of the small bottle should stay above the cut made in the big bottle.

Pass a stick between two bottles, this will make the two pieces.

Support the bottleneck in a cup and use the butt of the small bottle to squeeze the fruit. Just remove the small bottle the liquid flows and falls, ready to kill your thirst!

13. Mini door-objects

Serre two bottlenecks of PET bottle of the same size. Only the nozzle of the bottle, as the image.

Sand the part cut to remove the Burr and paste a nozzle in the other.

Place small objects like earrings, bracelets within the bottlenecks, close the lid and you’re done!

14. Magnifiers

Using the CAP as a template, draw two circles in the rounded part of the cylinder, near the neck and cut them.

Pass paste on the sides of the circles and parties. But watch out: leave a little bit without glue to fill it with water.

Place the circles already glued inside a glass and go by pressing and releasing for the water to come on in. When it’s full, dry and glue, sealing the circles.

Look, you already have your magnifying glass made of PET bottle.

15. Door-Ice “smart”

Cut a plastic bottle in half and make holes in the CAP.


Place the part of the neck facing down into the other half of the bottle.

Now just put the ice. When it melts, the water flows into the base, not getting in touch with other ICES. Will melt much more slowly.

16. Gift Box # 1

Cut the two bottles PETs, separating them from the rest of the bottle.

Fold these two rings twice, passing an object to mark as well. He should be a square, as in the image.

Now just put a square inside the other and a beautiful transparent box is made.

17. Gift Box # 2

Cut half of a PET bottle and create “petals”, as in the image below:

Put all the petals and fasten with a Ribbon. Ready to gift someone special!

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