Exterior Coating Types

Decorating is the hottest part in the whole process of moving house, especially when you buy a property. Decorating the house is creating the personality of our corner, making it comfortable, elegant and cozy for us and for our future visits.

A well decorated environment is the result of much attention to detail. This will make all the difference in the decoration, not only in the internal areas, but also in the external areas.

The outside area is the environment in which we usually meet with family and friends, enjoying relaxing and fun times. Small care also count and a lot, for example, knowing what kind of coating is right for each environment and what are the precautions one should take with each one of them.

There are several types of coatings that can be used in the decoration of the exterior areas of your home, in different colors, textures, types of application and also with a durability that varies according to each one. The most important thing is to know how you want to characterize that environment, for example, more modern and sophisticated or more fun, to choose the coating model. The most commonly used coatings are textured mass, stones, wall stickers, tiles, tablets, panels and wallpapers.

Tiles and tablets are usually used to decorate the barbecue area (kitchen), pool area (bathroom, shower and sauna) and in the laundry, precisely because these environments are most likely to accumulate fat on the walls and by these two materials are easy to clean.

The textured mass or mortar is ideal for walls with irregularities in the mass, as it replaces the fine mass and finished paint, and protects against water. The textured mass still allows you to use the type of texture you want, you can use creativity and choose how to leave your outer area with your “face”. It can be applied on painted, painted concrete, wood and metal walls using roller or compressor. This type of flooring is welcome in any environment of your home, not only in the outdoor areas, since it has a wide variety of textures and is very flexible.

In addition to these types of flooring, there are still stones, which are suitable for decorating swimming pools, grills, balconies, terraces and even laundromats. The use of stones as a coating is more common in mosaic or canjiquinha. The stones are excellent options for the exterior areas of the house, as they have a good durability.

Now that you know what types of coatings exist and how to use them in each environment, use your creativity and leave the outside areas of your home with the same comfort and warmth you have indoors.