Expected Delivery Time

When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, she begins to worry about everything related to her health and the development of her baby.

Expected Delivery Time

Pregnant women undergo several changes in the nine-month period, but what they are eagerly waiting for is the fear of pain or the desire to know the child is the day the childbirth will happen.

Childbirth is the last phase of pregnancy and even if pregnant women are followed from the beginning of pregnancy by a specialist it is very difficult to calculate the exact day that the baby will be born.

Calculate expected delivery date

To know more or less the day of delivery, there are some options, the main one being: A woman needs to know the 1st day of her last menstrual period before pregnancy and add seven days and nine months, for example , if the first day of last menstruation was September 12, the baby will probably be born on June 19.

Another way to get an idea of ​​when delivery will take place is to measure the belly of the pregnant woman lying on a stretcher or bed. The best known and safest way to know when the baby will be born is by taking the ultrasound examination, which is always performed during prenatal care.

Some women to calculate when their little ones will be born, count in the calendar how many weeks have passed after their last menstruation.

The most appropriate one is for a gynecologist or obstetrician to perform all the necessary tests and give a date close to when the baby should be born.

Tips for not worrying about childbirth

Many women, especially those who will be mothers for the first time, are very afraid of the pain they will feel at the time of delivery, but this worry is unnecessary, because the delivery will happen and can be very painful or not, so there is nothing left to wait for.

In order for the pregnant woman to have more security and the pain is less, the tip is to take a course of pregnancy with her husband, in these courses, various techniques are taught to facilitate delivery.

To reduce concern about childbirth, experts advise pregnant women to spend their time with other things not related to their pregnancy, such as reading a book, carrying out a project, helping people in need and more, pregnant women they will not see the time pass and they will arrive more calm at the birth.

If you are very scared of the pain of childbirth, talk to your doctor to see if you have a caesarean section. This procedure leaves the woman vulnerable for longer, but delivery only has the pain of injecting the anesthesia.