Exceptional Jewelry: Tribal Jewelry

Who has enough of filigree chains, ring parties and jewelery in the festival look, for which I have today a particularly great theme:tribal jewelry.Tribal know many of tattoos – ornaments or the well-known Arschgeweih;) In my blog, I show you that Tribals not only look great on the skin.

What is Tribal Jewelry?

The motive of the tribal originates from the indigenous peoples of Polynesia – that is, tribals are not just some patterns, but these have a very deep meaning in tribal culture. The word Tribals comes from “Tribe”, meaning “tribe”.Tribals were then worn as tattoos, but also as jewelery (tattoos are for most, anyway jewelery).

Tribals tell a whole tribal story and also express the belonging to a tribe.

For most, tribals are any patterns or ornaments where the meaning can be customized.Tribal jewelery is characterized by wild patterns or ornaments that can not be associated with a symbol such as the heart or the infinity character.But also jewelery, which through their ethno-look as trend tribal jewelry could go through, can be counted as tribal jewelry.

Tribal earrings as an eye-catcher for the summer

Especially tribal earrings are a real eye-catcher.Since there is usually no jewelry at all.Tribal earrings are usually large and with their patterns very striking.They can be combined on a party or everyday life – in the office, of course, depending on the dress code;)

Jewelry with tribal motifs

Tribal jewelry is very mystical and mysterious – the great motifs are in classic colors like gold and silver, but also in dark tones like black, the tribal ‘jewelry reminds much more of tattoos.