Ex-Student of Cctv Setup Now Provides Technical Support

Held once a month here on DVR-CONFIG the Online course CCTV Systems configuration comes forming and improving the level of technical expertise of professionals who already work or intend to work with CCTV, on training of professionals each as your profile if specialize in a technique, some specialize in:

Ex-Student of Cctv Setup Now Provides Technical Support

  • DVR configuration
  • Configuration of IP cameras
  • CCTV technical support
  • Backup and monitoring
  • And some will do the whole “package”

This week we received an email from Mr. Paulo Sergio in the Interior of Sao Paulo, which in a given passage said the following:

“Before setting course on CCTV DVR-CONFIG I was installing CCTV system, installed the cameras device, and the entire infrastructure of the network, but when I needed to configure the router, free ports or is, configure the remote access for my client I I didn’t know how to do. In short I always paid for someone who knew how to do, I got to pay 320.00 real R$ here in my city, because there are not many professionals who do this service. Today I even set up, and more, many professionals and installers in the region and other States come to me so I can do the configuration of remote access. I’ve learned and make money with it thanks to you. Thank you!”

It is gratifying for us to see that we are able to improve even a little of these professionals who suffered with access configuration, increasingly we are updating our course, leaving more dynamic and everything to form more and more professionals and help to any way.