Essential Posts in This Fifth Year of Men’s Channel

It is even hard to believe, but 5 years have passed since the publication of the first post of the Male Canal. Half a decade later we are with more than 1,700 publications, nearly 7,000 comments and around 1,600,000 podcast downloads in a country whose most programs of this kind are unlikely to last for 2 years. Are not such big numbers compared to certain sites in the same thread, but our intention was never to be the biggest, but the best, and we are working hard to make it happen!

Below you will find a selection of articles published since may 2016 and bringing important information sets and men’s care. If you’ve read, enjoy to read your Favorites, if you haven’t read it, do not miss the opportunity!

Manual of style

  • 15 style Tips For Skinny Men
  • 6 suggestions for Looks for winter with Coats
  • Tip: Even Well-dressed Stay Tuned For Details
  • Guide to men’s clothing For the Stylish Winter
  • Tip: layers of clothing to Show help Compose Visual Male
  • 5 Basic and elegant Pieces That every man should Have
  • After All, There Is Laundry To Ballad? How to dress for the occasion?
  • Can I use the Shirt outside trousers with Blazer and blouse?
  • Ways to wear a suit or Costume for any occasion
  • 10 tips for using the Basic T-shirt the right way
  • How to choose the color of the suit or Costume
  • 6 Male Looks With the same Social Striped Shirt
  • 12 tips on how to use in place of Tailoring pants Jeans
  • Unbeatable Combination: Chino Pants Denim Shirt
  • 8 things that have already been Considered Style errors
  • 5 British Actors Are Style reference
  • Guide how to Use Male Shorts in summer
  • Guide how to dress well in the summer With the Looks of j.crew
  • Shirt With Button Down Collar: where to use and how to use?
  • How to put the Shirt into the Pants
  • 5 uses for Graphite Suit parts
  • 5 tips on how to Be a well-dressed man at any time
  • Beltless: You Can Wear A Suit With No Belt?
  • How to buy the Perfect Swimsuit For your body type
  • Unbeatable combination: Navy Blazer, white shirt and Jeans
  • What are the types of Masculine Tailoring vest
  • Jackets and Blazers of Double Buttonholes: Like Button?
  • How To Use Cropped Blazer Men
  • 10 Winter trends 2017 in men’s fashion
  • Guide how to buy the Perfect Basic T-shirt
  • 6 tips on how to match Clothes Difficult
  • How to use Chess in Lumberjack Looks for men
  • Reader question: can I use Social Shoe with Jeans?


  • What are the types of men’s Boots?
  • What are the Hiking Boots (hiking boots)
  • 6 Tips to Look Using Hiking Boots
  • Reader question: can I use Boots With Shorts?
  • Driving Shoes: the story of Shoes to drive
  • What are the types of Shoes Brogue?
  • Men shoes: Open Lacing and Closed Lacing, what does that mean?
  • 10 casual shoes To Retire once the Shoes!


  • How to make a Dimple in the tie
  • What are the types of bow tie?
  • Casual Looks With Tie suggestions for summer
  • We tie: the Pacquiao Knot
  • Tip: how to solve the excess tie for Who is low
  • Ties: what are the most common Patterns and Prints?
  • Tie fabrics: Guide of the most common types
  • What is the difference between the Traditional and the Tie Tie Skinny?

Male accessories in General

  • 5 items to Protect from the cold that fit in a backpack or purse
  • Editor’s wishlist: 7 Male Watches That I love
  • How to choose and Wear Rings-a guide for men
  • Berets: Newsboy and Flat Cap, What Are and what are their differences?
  • 6 tips for Male with Flat Cap Looks and Newsboy Cap
  • Handbags and men’s Folders To buy online

Colors and combinations

  • Color combinations for winter: Brown and blue
  • Colors of the 2016 Winter Male-what to use?
  • 10 Looks Masculine show how to use white pants in winter
  • Tip: in the summer Try Change the Khaki for white or off-white
  • Doubts at the time of matching Colors? Go to black and white.
  • What is the difference Between monochrome and tone on tone
  • Tip: the best colors of suits for weddings, day and night
  • What Are open and Closed Colors Colors?

Organization, storage and use of menswear

  • Tip: it’s time to Assess Your Closet for winter
  • How to keep good clothes become Obsolete
  • How to save money on clothes Where it’s better not to Save?
  • Video: how to Shine shoes in 1 Minute
  • How to buy the Perfect Rack For men’s clothing
  • Because you need to have a Wishlist of Fashion?
  • How To Fold A Suit For Journey Easily

Grooming and Fragrance

  • How to prevent and treat dark circles-a guide for men
  • 4 Products to keep the Beard clean and beautiful
  • 7 men’s fragrances for summer
  • Male haircuts for 2017:10 different styles
  • Why his beard has to be up to date?
  • How to take the grey hair Without look older
  • 12 advice from a former To Men who want to have long hair
  • 10 men’s haircuts with classic touch
  • Men’s haircut: don’t miss the point
  • 10 Male Short Hair cuts and practical
  • Men’s fragrances: meet the Olfactory Families
  • 3 Good men’s fragrances for less than 150 Real

Fashion history

  • The importance of Beau Brummell for Menswear
  • How did the Tie – history of men’s fashion
  • Types of chess: Lumberjack (Buffalo Plaid)
  • What is it and how did the Bomber jacket

Parts and combinations

  • Male Tricôs: The Classic Aran Sweater
  • Men’s Plaid Shirt: 12 Looks Show Because She is still Essential
  • What are the types of leather jacket?
  • Leather jackets: Suggestions and examples of how to use
  • How To Use Above All Without Frills!

Useful tips and curiosities

  • Why is it important to dress properly?
  • How to set the time to choose the size of the Clothes
  • What is Business Casual Male Costume
  • 20 Commandments to be Gentleman in 2017
  • 6 ways to use the bar of your Jeans
  • 9 Things that the Brazilian Ignores in men’s fashion
  • Why certain types of Clothes look good on You?
  • 7 more things that have already been Considered Style errors
  • 8 things that have already been Considered Style errors
  • More 10 simple ways to Detonate your Visual
  • 10 simple ways to Detonate Your Visual
  • Before and After of the fit of the clothes in the Tailor
  • Tip: don’t expect the Ideal Body to dress Well
  • 7 rules of Fashion and its Exceptions
  • A test to find out Your level of elegance


  • Video: how to buy the Perfect Shirt #OsCarasDaWeb
  • Video: How To Dress For A Wedding #OsCarasDaWeb
  • Video: types of men’s Bracelets #OsCarasdaWeb
  • Video: what are the types of men’s Bags? #OsCarasDaWeb


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