Essence Snow White Nail Polish

News from the famous fairytale Essence brand, inspired by the enchanted world of the famous fairy tale Snow White by Disney , the new collection of enamels Show White will make us go girls.

“Mirror mirror on the wall… who is the fairest of them all?”, Went like the wicked witch in front of the magic mirror 200 years ago and today Essence, on the occasion of the second centenary, is launching the collection of enamels Snow White dedicated to the popular tale most loved by girls around the world.

Even in cinamatografiche halls this year are two films that rivisatano the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, “Biacaneve” with Julia Roberts in the role of the wicked witch and “Snow White and the Huntsman” with the beloved Kristen Stewart.

A craze so that of Snow White that the lovers of the brand Essence and all the beauty addicted lasciarsci can not escape!

According to neovideogames, the collection of enamels dedicated to Disney Snow White includes 8 enamels, 3 top coat glitterati, a dual-use file and adorable stickers for nails. Discover them all!

The enamels Snow White of Essence are inspired, and of course the name, by teneressimi allies dwarfs of Snow White; 7 small enamels from all different shades to be changed every day for a manicure is always new: cub, growl, duct, gongolo, eolo, nap and mammolo. A larger enamel instead is dedicated to the sweet Snow White.

The price of glazes Snow White inspired by the seven dwarfs is of 1.59 euros each, while the enamel Snow White has a price of 1.79 euros.

For a special occasion or just to make our sparkling manicure Essence included 3 wonderful top coat glitter to special collection Snow White Disney. The price of the top coat of the collection Snow White is of 1.99 Euro each.

Completing the collection Snow White a nail file with two grits, priced at 1.29 euros, and stickers nail dedicated to the world of the story at the price of 1.29 euros (five sheets per pack).

The online  Snow White of Essence is adorable but unfortunately we will have to wait until July 2012 to try it.