High-quality Epilators in best quality

, An Epilator visually resembles a razor. However, the feature structure is completely different. Because here the hair are not shaved, but removed and the roots. It the unwanted also eliminated with this device specifically. The application is this always the same. The Epilator should be always at right angles to the skin and run against the direction of hair growth. It’s conducive for optimum epilation to pull the skin taut. You arrive completely smooth skin and need up to four weeks no longer epilate the skin. The reason for this lies in the hair removal including the root. And the more often you use your Epilator, hair in these places will regrow all the more softer and finer. Because the root was also removed, only the tips of the hairs to grow and are much softer and thinner than fast-growing, shaved hair.

, The newer generation of the Epilator aims to make the hair removal particularly gently and gently. Soothes the skin by massaging movements, and by the way the device plucks out gently and thoroughly the hair. Also, find models that can be used under water today. This protects the skin and prevents skin irritation. As well, this method is particularly soft and gentle. Epilators are suitable not only for the removal of leg hair. There are now sufficient epilation devices with various attachments, each tailored to a specific area of the body, as bikini line, underarms and face.