Enjoy the Sunshine with the Lounger Parasol

Organize your outdoor space and prepare to receive the hottest season of the year with sun loungers.

Hot weather is a beautiful invitation for outdoor activities! You do not have to leave home to enjoy the hot days.

The outside areas, with or without pool, can become perfect places for entertainment and rest with the presence of some products. The loungers meet very well the function of providing warmth to all the family.

Shadow with parasol

Who want to protect themselves from the sun this summer should know that parasols are an excellent investment. Functioning as a kind of large umbrella, they also figure as key elements in the environment decoration, with various designs and angles. Precisely for this peculiarity, the product is commonly found on balconies and external environments, even those who do not have a pool.

The part of the structure generally is aluminum, more rain resistant material, or even steel and wood. Some models have lever that makes the adjustment of the frame height.  The cover is common to be manufactured with PVC or polyester.

In the event of strong wind, it is important to collect parasol to ensure product integrity.

Regarding the maintenance of the piece, there is no secret: clean water, mild soap and always keep it dry.

Guaranteed comfort with deckchair

The muted time generates heat discomfort and therefore leaves more people tired. The loungers for pool provide the comfort you need to relax. These long, long chairs accommodate a person lying down and can be used both in the pool area and in balconies or gardens to relax or read a good book.

Parts are found in many different types of materials such as resin, polypropylene, nylon, wood and PVC. Comfortable sun beds have adjustable head support, allowing different inclinations. Some versions of the products are collapsible and take up less space when not used.

As with the parasols, cleaning should be done with mild soap and water, avoiding abrasive products. And if you think of buying the two products together, remember to consider whether there is a good matching between them.