Engagement Ring of Kate Middleton

The design of the engagement ring that the Prince William of England He has offered his fiancée is revolutionizing European jewelry and the rest of the world. A signed gem Garrard that was commissioned by the father of the groom as a gift from his mother, Lady Diana, commitment in 1981.

According to lawfaqs.net, the engagement ring that received Kate Middleton has as central gemstone a Sapphire oval size 12 k. Surrounded of a 14 diamond pavé a total of 18 carat, the bezel is 18 carat white gold. A jewel with more sentimental price than real.

After the tragic death of Diana’s Gales, his sons Harry and William (at the age of 12 and 15 years respectively) chose some of the belongings of his mother during a visit to Kensington Palace. Was Harry who chose the engagement ring of her mother while William wanted to keep your watch in yellow gold Cartier tank française.

Garrard, House oldest jeweler in the world, began in an exclusive area in 1735. Its founder was George Wickes and it was not until 1802 that the firm adopted the name Garrard when Robert Garrard He took control of the jewelry company. One of their catalogs of rings ring chose the same Di Lady with your favorite gemstone, Sapphire.

To highlight its creations include different Royal crowns as that was commissioned for the coronation of Queen Mary in 1911. Already in 1843 Queen Victoria made him the honor of naming it Official Crown jeweler, serving six consecutive monarchies.

Since the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, sapphires demands have increased significantly in Europe.