Emulate a Game Boy Color in Android Wear Longer, Here Is The Proof

From the creators of… “Windows 95 can run on clockwork Android Wear”, today your screens reaches the next milestone of Corbin Davenport and his suffered Samsung Gear Live, a smartwatch Android Wear with complex test and development platform.

The already known developer still endeavored to prove that devices Android Wear hide much more potential than it seems, and not content to execute on your Gear Live Windows 95 and Minecraft, a couple of days ago he published his latest video: porting a Game Boy Color emulator platform for Google wearables.

So, friends, you can now convert into a Game Boy Color your Android Wear smart watches, and it is that you as you will see in the video that we leave then his performance is a good, Although it is clear that you’ll need a wireless gamepad to control games, in particular one that works with Bluetooth connectivity.

The own Corbin has published a very detailed manual so users wishing to do so can install this emulator, although to get it we fear that you are going to need advanced knowledge in the use of the SDK of Android and Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

We encourage you to not miss the video, because it has no waste to see what can be achieved with a watch smart if we have time and appropriate knowledge: