Emilio Pucci Red Carpet Dresses

Abbie Cornish is one of the stars of the 68th edition of the Venice Film Festival, this beautiful actress is the star of the film “WE”, a film created and directed by Madonna with all the popularity that this entails! Abbie Cornish was in the Lancia Café, a party that was held on September 2, one of the events during the International Film Festival of Venice. Abbie choose to wear a dress Emilio Pucci shades of blue that is part of the 2012 resort collection.

Abbie Cornish at the Venice film festival and has proved perfect guest, we are in Italy and then in many occasions wanted to pay homage to the Italian fashion,first with a beautiful Atelier Versace party dress and now with a set Emilio Pucci. L’ dress worn by Abbie Cornish is part of the collection Resort 2012 by Emilio Pucci, is a simple and long model made from lightweight fabric with a floral print pale blue and mint green with a lot of white, a tissue very nice that is enhanced by a decoration in lace on the forehead as if to create a sort of frame. Like most of Emilio Pucci dresses that too is pretty flashy and loaded, in fact Abbie does well to not add accessories that could weigh it down, opting for her hair, lips with lipstick clear and eyes with make-up on blue framed by black pencil.

Maybe I would have opted for a make up more decisive and for the hair stand up but overall I would say that Abbie is promoted!