Eliros Gents Chronograph by Maurice Lacroix: Luxury Watch

There are enough reasons to entrust the precious, irretrievable time of not any watch, but a Maurice Lacroix. This train of thought recommends its customers the Swiss manufacturer of luxury timepieces and thus meets the thing on the point. Of course, it is legitimate to include more renowned manufacturers for a high-quality accessory in the eye.

The fresh and visionary brand Maurice Lacroix is a young and ambitious gentleman but extremely well. At least that’s my impression, since I spend the day with the Eliros since I ordered the watch at Brogle-Shop.de .

Even if the minutes in the nu vanish and sending a reminder to the increased pace, looking very soothing on the clock. Because given the everlasting beautiful designs and long-lasting precision time is a relative factor. For this experience, it is worth to put on a model of the luxury range.

Elegant design, technical perfection, modern brand philosophy: Maurice Lacroix

Who wants to join this view and looks around at the expense of the Swiss luxury watches, flinches quickly. Investments in the four and five-digit area are nothing out of the ordinary for a first-class piece of watchmaking art.

Maurice Lacroix meets the dreams of challenging and allows access to the exclusive time measurement at the comparatively moderate rate. Certainly this fact helps the brand to success, which is still very young compared to other Swiss manufactures. However, Maurice Lacroix boasts about 40 years of company history, which is characterized by numerous innovations and a traditional understanding of quality.

The name first appeared in 1975 a watch on, which has been distributed in Austria. In the following years, however, Maurice Lacroix developed a separate identity – more and more commercially, technically and aesthetically.

With the master piece collection put on a mechanical line the brand in 1990. In 2006, the first Chronograph caliber ML 106 was presented, which was developed in detail and with a strong sense of perfection in the works at Saignelégier.

This upscale claims relate to each item of men’s watches and women’s watches in assortment. Therefore Maurice Lacroix may be associated fully the trend Swiss watch manufacturers in the top League.

Contemporary collections with traditional quality

The company’s headquarters is located in Biel/Bienne. It is made in his own works, which are to be found in Saignelégier and Montfaucon. While all parties agree – by the watchmaker to the Manager – a brand message that characterizes each copy. Maurice Lacroix would like to maintain the Swiss watchmaking tradition, ennobling with independent innovation, and closer to the customer with a contemporary design.

In the design of the models, the brand thinks of people who as much pay attention to stable values, such as on traditional craftsmanship, modern technology and a refined elegance. Therefore, Maurice Lacroix is a no compromise on the manufacturing or design and always amazes with attractive features. , For example, was the brand the first manufacturers which allowed a glimpse of the fascinating inner workings of the clock thanks to glass floor.

To the high quality demands can not shake even the comparatively moderate price. Just this symbiosis of technical finesse, traditional robustness, modern design and a straightforward investment, moves the Maurice Lacroix watches in the spotlight.

The collections of Maurice Lacroix at a glance

For men, the company launched currently six collections. The name speaking FC Barcelona line for themselves: The models connect sporty design with exclusive elegance. The series of Pontos can merge absolute rigour, creativity and craftsmanship. Les Classiques undertakes a harmonious elegance and reduced to the essentials, while committed to the luxurious extravagance the jewelry pieces of the collection of masterpiece.

A classic elegance, which gives enthusiasm for ten years is characterized by the collection of Eliros. Recently, a facelift was given the models. Available mens watch and a chronograph in stainless steel are a decently equipped a variant for ladies. While customers between different variants at the colour shading can decide.

Eliros gents chronograph with silver dial and black leather band

The distinctive Sun-brushed of silver dial face can be at the Eliros gents chronograph on an esthetic contrast with the gleaming stainless steel case. Harmonically, the silver-tone hands into the overall fit and stand out breezier. So the consistency in the color design is comfortable read not in the way.

The purist style remain true to the printed indexes and four Roman numerals where Maurice Lacroix selects an elegant black. Is a stylish interplay: A totally black NUM­bered calf leather strap is stainless steel housing with a few accents in black, which is equipped with a discreet logo in silver.

The new Eliros gents waives any ornaments no functional value and emphasizes the aesthetics of the indispensable elements of a high-quality men’s watch with date display. Although the minimalist appearance alludes to current trends, the new edition of the Eliros brings a dash of retro-chic in the game. Just this contrast of past and present is a distinctive clock very well and gives you a high recognition value.

The functional orientation of the designs suggests that hides the complexity of the Interior. Of course, the the men’s watch quartz movement comes from the Swiss manufacturers of Maurice Lacroix. The anti-reflective sapphire glass contributes to the optimum functionality as well, as the solid stainless steel case that is water resistant up to 5 bar.

With the Eliros gents would like to underscore the brand that extraordinary elegance and highest quality standards with a moderate price are compatible. This no compromise imposed the customers, what pushed the sympathy factor of simply chic men’s watch.

Luxury and its seductive power

Extravagant, luxurious and yet unobtrusive: The Eliros gents chronograph enriches the casual moments as well as serious missions. So it was a good decision to entrust the time of a Swiss luxury watch consistently.

There is a catch in every thing: Now I’m on the taste and appreciate high-quality accessories for men. When Bansal-Shop.de , the next model has won my heart from there soon to report something that but unfortunately still not will fit into my budget.