Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrush – dental care made easy

The dentist and the dentist wife recommend brushing your teeth every day at least twice for 2 minutes. Brushing your teeth need not be boring, because with the right toothbrush, this is fast and done without any effort. Current electric toothbrushes clean more thoroughly than any manual toothbrush and much more effective. Most people brush their teeth either too little, too vague, or with the wrong technology and suffer from tooth decay, what always ends up in a dentist with drill. It must not be! Picked just to the electric toothbrush in the morning and in the evening and cleaned up. The electric toothbrush handles in all tasks independently in the mouth. They must lead them only from tooth to tooth and rinse at the end.

The toothbrush rotating high-frequency in half-circular motion and pushes in the dental plaque and bacteria not only by sheer force of bristle, but also with ultrasound to tackle. Studies have shown that with regular use the electric toothbrush more effectively and tooth-friendly cleans, pendent as his motorized. Depending on the model you will find electric toothbrushes, which display the elapsed brushing time per mouth and jaw page, so that you can forget any teeth here. The brushes are interchangeable without problems, so that the electric toothbrush for a long time will prove to be a loyal service you.