Easter L’enfance

I’ve talked several times about the Children here on the blog. The brand that started with the fofíssimos and some dolls toys, now includes children’s clothing to drool so beautiful, and trousseau pieces of bed and bath.

Easter L'enfance

Now at Easter the traditional brand dolls won clothes of rabbit, and in partnership with the Pati Piva, you can buy dolls kit with Easter egg that even comes with sticky paws-shaped footprints of rabbit!

I decided that I would give one of these dolls for each of the girls that for sure will enjoy much more than chocolate, since love pets! And the egg comes to follow because it has a great size, not too big, so enough for them to eat some chocolate without exaggeration.

My boxes arrived today and I could not resist, I opened to show for you and also to catch the Scrooge that I will paste before they wake up on the day of Easter.

As always, everything beautiful and flawless. The boxes, ribbons and all the care in placing the egg in a thermal packing not to melt.

I picked the puppy for my godson because it needed a better gift for him, and for the girls the giraffe and the pig

Aren’t they too cute?!

The next 150 g egg and milk chocolate with filling of Brigadier in the bark and chocolates shaped like duckies and bunnies!!!! Perfect for children!

And anyone who doesn’t want to give chocolate to the little ones, you can buy just the pets with the little rabbit.

There’s still time to order Easter kits. Anyone who wants to see all options of dolls toy and Children’s products, click HERE. And for those who need to give something very special, Children’s products are unbeatable. As will surprise since the submission, to the final product. Everything is thought out with great care.

I can’t wait to see the girls face when they open the box!

We mothers we were both hoping that we must hold to not give this before?!

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