Early Easter, Fresh Mobile Phones

In the also, over 30 new phones in the shops-from the storage giant come to navigation experts.

Easter is every year-this year there are however abundant early. Since not only the long ears need to hurry, there is a hive of activity even with mobile phone manufacturers. And the deadline pressure pays off, at least for you.

You can count with 33 new phones in the next few weeks. The selection ranges from luxury carriage as Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte to storage giants such as Samsung F400 and update the iPhone with 16 GB capacity.

The Sony Ericsson K660i has high-speed Internet at an attractive price. And navigation-friends can choose between the HTC P3470 and Toshiba’s Portégé G910.

Recommendations and fair hits
In our photo gallery you will find all details of the March releases at a glance.Including, by the way, also the first hits of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona can be found. For more information on the following pages. And we will tell you what month new products we can really recommend.

Top 5: The Editorial Buying Tips

Multimedia Ensemble: there’s the details to our five Favorites from the March preview.

Sony Ericsson K660i
The K660i should provide plenty of fun during excursions in the mobile Internet. According to Sony Ericsson, HSDPA phone user interface is designed for optimum surfing. Display Web pages in landscape mode, using special keys can in the pages zoomed to. The price attractive K660i features include a 2-megapixel camera, a music player and expandable memory.

Apple iPhone
Who is only now to purchase a iPhone determined, gets the cult mobile phone with twice as much capacity as before following CellPhoneExplorer.com. The update brings 16 GByte – enough music full MP3-quality for eleven days.The consistent touch screen operation includes multi touch is preserved. The fast network technology, UMTS is not however.Nothing is changed also on the expensive contract at T-Mobile.

Samsung SGH-F490
Cult or not, it’s more expensive touch cell phone from Apple on everyone’s lips and the opponents build blithely on competition models. So the F490 touch-sensitive display with sensor buttons is from Samsung. Whether it themselves also so stroke-tender can be like the iPhone, it remains to be seen. Facilities there in the F490 but guaranteed more make clear that already the 5-megapixel camera and the data Turbo HSDPA.

P iPAQ 614 business Navigator
After several delays, there is the German version of the iPAQ in March 614 to buy, confirmed at least HP of the editorial office. Windows smart phone with mobile phone keypad should already have the latest HSDPA technology. Thus, Web visits are theoretically at a speed of up to 7.2 megabits per second, double speed as before – unless the nets play. An integrated A-GPS navigation for accuracy, provides photos a 3-megapixel camera.

Toshiba Portégé G450
The Portégé G450 Toshiba combines a simple phone with a HSDPA modem. An appealing mix in small format, from which we could already convince us. As work in the practice test Internet visits via the computer simply and fix. The mobile operation of Cameraless G450, however, proved tricky and takes getting used to. The display is too small due to the mini case.

Top 5: The Fair Hits

Straight on the Mobile World Congress presented already on the way to the shops: the Show hits for March.

Samsung SGH-F400
While Apple and HTC phones with 16 GB of capacity, Samsung put the F400 with at least 8 GB capacity. To the music phone should sound very good, also has the big speakers by Bang & Olufsen. MP3 files can with the fast data service HSDPA quickly via Internet download. On the back is a 3-megapixel camera for photographic excursions.

LG Electronics KF600
For the KF600, LG electronic relies on neat appearance and a new concept. So, a touchscreen Control Panel makes the specific options for the direct operation depending on the application. This InteractPad designated by the manufacturer is directly below the display. You do not have a 3-megapixel camera, a media player and an expandable memory that’s why but. The KF600 on EDGE to do reasonably fast Internet visits. The stages of UMTS and HSDPA are missing the KF600.

HTC P3470 (Pharos)
The P3470 code named Pharos makes a compact and chic impression. Who is looking for an attractive middle-class with GPS navigation Smartphone and comes with a 2 megapixel camera and the EDGE network technology, for which this candidate could be the appropriate choice. Especially since the P3470 with Windows Mobile 6 under the hood should be after the data-zentrierteren variants in the Office area in nothing. Services are provided the device with a touch screen.

RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8110
Matter of taste remains whether the pink-colored version of the BlackBerry, was presented in Barcelona suggests to Pearl 8110. RIM offers the model in more discreet colours. The compact GPS Smart phone definitely has its charms. Music player, 2 megapixel camera, expandable memory-for solid entertainment is also good to have the 8110. Central control is done via the trackball, the Pearl of the 8110-however the user must adapt to its operation.