Dress the Perfect Sailor Look with Jewelry and Accessories

When the summer comes, the seaman’s look is not just a holiday at the seaside. Even in the city you can wear this style wonderfully.It gives you a touch of freedom & holiday feeling.

My tip:The sailor look begins with the right clothes.Here it is: Stripes, Stripes, Stripes!The stripes are typical of the sailor look and form the basis.No matter if striped top or elegant dress – main item you are striped;) Depending on the intensity of the look, you can only combine jeans and sneakers or send with bright red sunglasses and navy accents.

Must have: jewelry with anchor motif

Typical sea motifs such as anchors, shells or seagulls are the must-have for the sailor look.These motifs can also be combined wildly.A chain layering with shell, anchor & co.?Why not.

In conjunction with gold or blue, these motifs come into their own.

Sailor Jewelery in Blue, Red & Gold

In addition to the strip motif, there are also typical colors for the sailor style.Here blue and white are the main focus, as the uniforms of the sailors were mostly held in these colors.As accents, there are often red loops – of course we like to pick up the jewelry or accessories:whether it is red sunglasses or an armparty with red and gold bracelets.

Gold is an additional highlight.It fits perfectly to the sailor look and radiates warmth and summer.