Dress Navy on Sale

Last Saturday was a great day for me. Very comprehensive, exciting fun eincluso! Without planning go on sale I bought a Navy Dress, enjoyed with teammates and evening estrené my dress sailor in the solidarity Festival that we went on family to spend a wonderful afternoon. You cannot ask more!

He began the day with Polyvore Meetup organized by For A Real Woman in the Marineda City shopping center. There we attended a talk on how to take advantage and take advantage of Polyvore, which was super interesting. They also served us a sweet and savory Brunch thanks to the bakery “Rather than good” that was impressive!

As you can see in the morning I was in a white dress that I have for years, you put images on social networks how I was before and how I have now. It was a great time of truth, I learned a lot, I met some new people, I saw faces that I don’t often see… Enchanted!

I was also with my classmates of challenge, initiative, adventure… ISA Isa Shopaholic Villanueva and Iria TinMyBlueberryNights together with which I have created a project Socialitres (website under construction still, I leave the Facebook of Socialitres and Instagram)

And of course,, we went for a walk of shops.And this dress navy or marine for 6 euros I could not resist in Primark. I looked first at one who was so so nice and went out to 4.50 stamp… but for that price… Although I resisted to the end and let it stay. But then I saw this dress navy already willpower not to Sin left me completely and grabbed it me.

The look navy sailor is the eternal winner of each summer.Adapts to the colors being and also to the you classics such as red or brown leather. This time I gave a touch of aquamarine with collar, but it is so versatile that supports Golden, yellow, Fuchsia, cowboy… and much more!

We approached the solidarity festival Dimbale which I helped to spread and had a great time. Nora with their face painted flower and its Tequeromucho (so called hearts) arm had, and we, their parents, most still see it as dicharachera and happy.

Raised enough to buy more than 200 mosquito nets to prevent malaria because it was all full for that cause.Everyone contributed his performance, action and two cents without charge. I am very proud to have laid a hand on what was in my hand and also, as not, participate in the raffle (indeed that until tomorrow is can keep buying). It is very exciting to see that there are so many people with big heart willing to lend a disinterested hand by helping others.

And without more, I leave you with photos of the look festivalero navy’s partying Saturday family. I swear that I had a great, this daughter mine every day I love more, I am surprised more and more and more happy. It is in a lovely, active time and glad to go out with her and do things together. Look how I before becoming a mother imagined me leaving my son/daughter with grandparents to occasionally go out or do things… and now I can life separate me from it!Everything is more fun with it and if it is not working I can not help it. Ains, that cute I am not?

Tell me what the bargain look today think porfa!