Iconic stunt kite for the holiday fun shop

Kite referred to as you have the kites, the at least 2 lines and can be directed through these in the desired direction. The dragon has two lines, each of which is attached on the left and right side, this can be directed by train in the respective direction. The dragon has four lines, you can also keep him down and above and keep even at a standstill.

Steering must be ensured, that the Dragon reversed responds to train. With kite, figures such as loops, screws, etc. are possible. These flights are held mostly in a team with four people to compete on competitions so. Kite of the structure is somewhat more complex than in one liners. If the type is, it must be connected to the horizontal lines with the help of a third line. This has the advantage that you get two attachment points for the brakes.

The most famous stunt kites are the Delta Dragon. They are now in many different designs, sizes and colors. Principle but, the bigger the Dragon, the carrier he is in implementation of the direction, the smaller the Dragon, his movements are the jigsaw. Large Dragon more upwelling area and much higher tensile forces have. This means that can be swept away in strong winds the pilot with as a dragon, or even in the air.

As you steer also can bind together, was 301 in August 2010 the world record established. dragons were bound together and left in the air. Just look on the Internet and order up a kite. You will see how much fun it is. Maybe let you don’t give your children the Dragons, but only yourself rise him.

The kids Dragon, early start is worth

A child Dragon is the kite or flat kites, which can be flown from the smallest without major problems. It is an awkward, barely controlled Dragon, as so known from earlier.

‘Eddy’ is an Einleiner, which represents the distinctive basic shape of a flying dragon. Unfortunately, the basic construction is somewhat complicated for the normal Dragon and because you can no longer control during flight, it must be balanced. In addition to children suitable for kite, these dragons are now available at any department store or sporting goods store. Children kite might also stunt kites. These dragons are smaller than the Dragon for adults. Through the 4 mm strong fibre glass scaffolding and robust sail material is a dragon so easy that already little wind enough float in the air to make, but even so robust that he survives crashes without problems.

At the Dragon specifically for young pilots the scaffold is specially balanced, so that nothing can happen even in strong wind. By adapting to young Drachensteiger the wind window to practise and learning great, control, and its handling is very easy. Because the Dragon not only by the function on children should be adapted, there are children dragons in all possible colours and prints. Be it as a classical Dragon with a tail of loops, a daring pirate with an eye patch, simply just totally colorful or parrot. For the little ones, everything is allowed and even encouraged. Order a craft Kit from the Internet and at home just assemble it. You will see, your child will be with enthusiasm here, because you have something of the nature and the family even in windy, unsightly weather.

With one liners to get starts to

Einleiner are flat kite with a rope to the steering. These kites are suitable for light wind and are the basic form of the Dragon. Since they occur only with a lead, they are awkward as a kite. The most Dragon form in Europe is the Delta shaped flat Dragon.

, The construction of a flax-Dragon is slightly more challenging, since no influence can be taken during the flight. Since these dragons are but easy to fly, they are ideally for our smallest and it can be in a very weak wind by means of run in the height bring. They are first of all above, they come rarely alone down.

, The fighting kite is the exception in the single-line kites. Because this type of Dragon called is also a flax-steer, since with help of pull and release can control the Dragon. The scaffolding construction of fighting Dragons is different than at the normal flat kites. As the crossbars are thicker in the Middle than at the edges, the wind pressure is differently absorbed and transferred.

Dragon battles are in Asian countries for centuries tradition and now to Europe. The so-called fights of Dragon, where hundreds of people take part with their dragons, tries to push the opposing Dragon of heaven or to cut off so that the winner is the one whose Drache as last in the sky flies.

Einleiner are only conditionally tied to a shape, you can get them for example in the form of a bat, an exotic bird or as a Pentagon. As well as the shape, the colour is highly variable. Whether in black or Plaid, anything is possible. If you are interested, but simply order the desired model and give it a try. It is certainly a lot of fun you and your kids some.

Many Dragon for your hobby

, A dragon is held with wind in the air. In a particularly simple design consists entirely of a sail, which is held together by a linkage. A leash is attached to the pushrod, which keeps the athletes. This provided the Dragon in such a way in the wind, that aerodynamic drive is created. This is done by the fact that he recognised sailing by the wind and the air rises. Some aircraft fly only if the athlete moves to do so. This is useful especially for calm.

, The buoyancy energy wins the Dragon by the wind. Is created by the wind pressure on the sail area and the aircraft rises. This must be a kite driven by the wind and rotate in the wind flow. By the fact that these aircraft are often angled cross linkage, the Dragon even at low wind speeds in the air adheres.

, The Dragon is usually made of a fabric that is stretched with a linkage. The line that leads to the athletes is affixed to the scale. The covering can be made of various materials: canvas, paper, Tyvek, cotton, films made of polyester, aluminium or natural materials such as leather or leaves. The Poles, however, consists of the materials of wood, bamboo, aluminum or carbon – and glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The scale connects the rope and the Dragon. Often, the line ends in a reel, which on – and can be carried out. This depends on the altitude. To stabilize many aircraft have a tail, they would constantly break the page.

Go with the Dragon travel

With Dragon rising

let you automatically connect the own childhood, you felt as if you were in a different world. Always the head always eight that the Dragon not to the ground falls and breaks down upwards,. The right wind was important. But the story of the Dragon is as long as the myth of the mythical being.

, China has always been renowned for its kites and sculptures, which blew in the wind. Already in the year 5000 before Christ, the first dragons moved their circuits through China’s sky. Meanwhile, the “cult” has spread. Kite flying has settled with us and not only what children long. It has become an art and there are now even the hang gliding world championships and build. New materials are invented, tried out new models and patterns and this sport has found many adherents since.

, Dragons are used not only for private purposes. It was found that was Dragon for military and meteorological purposes. To be used even today, special Dragon in storms, which measure the air currents and send to the ground station.

By the kite can be also the desire of the people was great, to detach themselves from the ground and fly through the air. So it began the first trials for flying machines. The design of our today’s kites is from China. The framework can be constructed from aluminum, wood, bamboo or fibrous materials. The coating is added to fabric, paper, leather or aluminum foil. The line is the only stop to the ground and thus the person who leads it. Dragon can be made with one or more lines. The more lines is available, the more sensitive the control. Kites rise is basically any fun, you must tell only.