Dogs That Pull the Clothesline

Posted by Dog citizen in 08/Apr/2016-

Looks like the typical scene in the movie Beethoven: the dog running around the backyard, pulling clothes from the clothes line and making a real mess. This situation, although it seems Hollywood thing also happens in real life and is the terror of many tutors around.

But, why did they do that? This behavior arise for several reasons. Among them, the quest for attention, one more way out of boredom, curiosity, anxiety, among others. The most important thing is to identify what is causing this behavior, and then find the correct solution to remedy it.


If your dog is “stuck” with you, “shadow”, it is possible that he is suffering from separation anxiety and make it seeking a form of comfort. “The clothes have the smell of tutors. When the hairy are alone, this behavior helps to fill this lack, “says trainer and lecturer of Citizen Dog, Fabio Antonio.


The lack of activity, which releases energy and causes the animal exercise, is also a factor that can trigger this behavior.

“By having nothing to do, the swinging on the Clothesline clothes end up turning an item well attractive environment and arouse your curiosity,” says the operator. “They become a very funny joke, a way that dogs are to channel all the energy and the accumulated boredom,” he says.

Draw attention

It is proven fact that one of the things that the dog is receiving the attention of the owner. So, these little critters are always looking for a way to alarm his tutors, making a mess or taking a forbidden object.

With the clothes, that’s exactly what happens. “The dogs have this behavior because the associate with the gain of attention since, when the owner takes the dog in the Act, the situation turns into a big joke to catch him,” explains Fabio.


In addition to all these reasons, it is possible that the dog be interested for the clothes simply because they refer to a hunt. “For them, RIP’s good cloths and may refer, unconsciously, to rip prey behavior, among other possible reasons,” explains professional.

To avoid this, you need to provide interesting activities for the puppy, as interactive toys, rides, snack Hunt, among others. This is fundamental for the your hairy has an outlet for pent-up energy. That way, you will prevent him to stay looking stimuli.

“Make things that are more attractive, as several toys of all kinds and textures, snacks and release chew bones, is very important,” indicates the operator.

It is important to make your puppy understands that the correct is that he interacts with these toys, namely, that’s what the owner waiting for him. “It is essential to make it clear that, if they interact with toys, will draw more attention than with clothes. So, we intensified interaction between dog and owner, through the toys, making them associate the objects to our presence, instead of clothes. ”

Search for handling your pet toys and encourage him to play with them. Thus, reinforce correct behavior. Another tip is to leave the highest clothesline to hinder access.

“On top of this, we have to bear in mind that, if no offer activities and valuing the right things, they always find what to do to kill time,” concludes Fabio.