Do These Leaked Images Correspond to G4 LG?

Still not been official dates on when there will be the presentation of LG G4, but have already appeared rumors about the successor of the current LG G3 – which by the way, is at knockdown prices – and in the last few hours we have seen in fact new leaked images which could correspond to the new terminal franchise from South Korean manufacturer.

An XDA user has posted these images claiming that they are those of a G4, but it seems difficult is this device for two reasons: the first, which curves are not appreciated anywhere – is supposed to take them, even if angle does not favor detect them-, and second, that These side frames they don’t seem to own the successor of the LG G3.

In these images the XDA user highlighted the presence of a stylus at the top left of the back cover, although it could also be a TV antenna Since South Korea many devices made up of this capacity: the LG G3 in Korean version precisely have an antenna that we can deploy to that point.

It is expected that the G4 LG has one 5 inch QHD screen (high resolution for that diagonal, we believe), and the images of the phone’s information shows that baseband modem is the M8936, which would suggest that we would be faced with a Snapdragon 610 more oriented to medium ranges. It may be simply to a “mini” version of the future LG G4 or perhaps another Member of the family to be attached to that division of a somewhat lower range devices.