Dive Cree LED Flashlight PRO Xtar D26

The Good Lantern is proud to offer a Kit that impresses any marine being.The conspicuous Xtar brand has been surpassed by its case with the D26 Whale “Whale” flashlight + 26650 High Performance Battery and Charger Plus with charge indicator and fittings for Car or standard socket, Professional Diving Kit and Underwater Fishing.

ANSI Levels of Illumination: Turbo (underwater mode) HIGH MEDIUM LOW

1100Lm 600Lm 200Lm 60Lm

Battery Life:3h (Turbo);5.6h (High);22h (Middle);68h (Low) – With the “Whale” Battery included.

Range Beam Range:310 meters

Maximum Intensity:24025cd

Impact resistance:1.5 meters

Waterproof:International Standard IPX8 – Depth 100 meters

LED Type:LED CREE XM-L2 U3 latest generation

Materials Body:6N01 military alloy anodized aluminum alloy type III (Non-fade), anti-abrasive finish

Working Voltage:2.75-4.2 Volts

Battery:Supports 18650/18700/26650 Batteries – Xtar 26650 “Whale” Battery Included

Switch:Magnetic induction type Press (press 2 seconds on / off) or (press fast to change mode)

Size:Φ46.0mm (Head diameter) x Φ33.0mm (Body diameter) x 155.0 mm (length)

Net Weight:248.0g

Additional Functions:Battery Charge Indicator + Switch Lock Function to prevent accidental tripping or shutdown according to THEINTERNETFAQS.COM.

Prepared to withstand extreme pressure situations.

Charge Indicator:When the battery capacity is above 25%, the LED indicator turns green;Below 25% LED turns red;Below 5%, the LED flashes red.

Patented design for excellent underwater heat dissipation.

Double Gold-plated Circuit Springs to prevent oxidation or poor contact and protection against battery upset.

Aluminum 6N01 Premium Plus Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, which makes D26 anti-corrosion.

1/4 screw hole for attaching handle cable or tripod or camera holder.

■ It is recommended to clean the switch of D26 avoiding accumulation of mud or sedimentation sand.

■ Make sure that the battery is fully charged, the D26’s sealing ring (rubbery) is in good condition before diving.

■ When the charge indicator blinks red, battery recharging is recommended immediately.

■ If the D26 flashlight is not used for a long time, remove the battery to increase battery life.

(All information from this description is provided by the Manufacturer)

Full Package Includes:

* 1 XTAR D26 1100 LUMENS Flashlight

* 1 Rigid case with durable lining and accessories for accessories

* 1 Xtar 26650 High Performance 5000 mAh Battery

* 1 Xtar MC1 Plus Intelligent Battery Charger – With Quick Charge and Led Charge Indicator functions.

* 2 Adapters for the Charger being 1 for another socket for car “lighter”

* 1 Battery Adapter 18650/18700

* 1 Safety Strap with Fit

* 1 Sealing Rubber Ring – Spare

* 1 User Manual in Multiple Languages

* 1 Year Warranty Certificate