Difference Between Sports Bra and Normal Bra

Although it is convenient: it is not a good idea to wear an old, worn-out bra for sports because it can not provide adequate support more. Avoid wearing your old favorite bras prefer to spend their evenings on the sofa than during strenuous sports units. Exactly why a labbriger bra is not suitable as a sports bra and wherein the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra is, learn in the shopping site.

Not only the look, but also the structure differs a sports bra from a normal bra .While a normal bra usually has strap in a basket and can be often decorated yet with ruffles and lace, sports bras are designed simply and pragmatically. You do not bow, because this could pierce through the fabric to the skin. Moreover, in a sport other materials are used. The breathable material derives not only the sweat rapidly to the outside, but is also dries quickly. Thus, the skin is not irritated by the friction during sports. Normal bras consist mainly of cotton and suck so with liquid fully. Both bra also differ in the form of their support. Normal bras feature filigree beams that provide only a small support function. In contrast, sports bras have wide and partly padded straps, which provide support for movements and also do not cut into the skin.