Design Your Own Handbags and Purses

For a funky look and boho and light, there is not much that beats bag patchwork green. You can find them in high-end stores, thrift shops, or be creative and make one yourself.

Find a Bag Green Patchwork

Even high-end designers and popular husband bags of green patchwork patterns, when you’re looking for something unusual, you may need to check the sources slightly more eclectic better luck. A very cute green bag quilt is available through a website called, rightly, only sweet bags. This is an auction site through ecrater. The bag offered screams “Spring”, and is a nice lime green with a patchwork floral overlay. You can also get a corresponding portfolio checkbook.

On the auction site eBay more familiar, if you search for patchwork bags of Lilly Pulitzer, the dozens of beautiful bags to rise at much lower prices than they would be full retail. If you are familiar with the clothing and accessories for Lilly Pulitzer, you know it’s all good quality and design are eye-catching and dazzling. When a bag is so fun to wear, regardless of which have been sold in the past, two or three seasons ago. You will want to take it falls on the shoulder.

Artistic Bags in Green Patchwork

Always a good source of quality products from around the world, provides Cost Plus World Market patchwork handbags from India cotton sari – see Dazzling enough for the evening, the fun and breezy enough for a summer day, the bags are available in models blue, brown and red and green. You can grab the wooden handle round or slip over arm, but in both cases you will be noticed.

A hip and Zen, a commercial source that specializes in environmentally friendly products and fair trade, you can buy a bag patchwork mohair handmade green, mustard, red and brown spots. The bags combine mohair, pearls and wire work. They are made by a group of women in Cape Town, South Africa, which has acquired a certain financial independence to make their products available for sale.So not only will you have a single bag, you will be supporting a great cause.

Create your purse Green Patchwork

When it comes to a distinctive bag you’re after, you can not do better to channel their inner artisans and try to make the bag alone. A patchwork bag is one of the easiest to try to do, even if you are not very smart. Fabric stores will always have interesting patchwork of prints to choose from, but to be unique, you should look for the remains of fun and do their own patch, just as in the days when a mosaic made of pieces of fabric recovered from clothing that otherwise were worn .

You almost do not need a model, but as a result of a model usually makes for a better bag, try one of the models of Linda McGehee to Ghee. Not only can you get a template, you can also get materials for framing, hardware, chains, concepts, and anything else you may need, including advice on selecting the “Contact Us”.

Whatever you choose to sports, you sure look fun and chic.